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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Rodrick W, owner of a 2006 Maserati from Sacramento , CA

Once again perfect match, just did some touch up on my Maserati, had a lot of freeway rock chips matched perfect. Automotive touchup is the only place that really matches the paint closest to the manufacturer.

Dusty H, owner of a 2006 Maserati Gran Cabrio from Arkansas

When I needed Touch Up paint I knew I was in for a long search. First I had a car that they have few of in the USA, Second the color is very scarce on the cars that are here! I didn't waste my time going to local Automotive parts places, but went on line.....found Automotive Touch Up. Com. My problem solved with just a few clicks! I got a perfect match! All in a few seconds of my time, what a deal! Looks great on the car!

Mark M, owner of a 2004 Maserati from Naples, FL

Didn't know it could be so easy to get a perfect match for an older, uncommon car. Very easy. Can't imagine how else I could have done it!

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