Henry Ford and Other Automotive Pioneers

Ever since man came up with the idea for the round wheel, and found that it could roll, they have been looking for ways to use the wheel as a way to transport themselves. Through the wheel based inventions such as the bicycle, wheelbarrow and others have been used for one form of transportation or another. These are inventions that were made to either improve transportation of people or objects from one area to another. However, these inventions relied on human locomotion.

The next step in the evolution of the wheel was to use it as a method for self-propelled motion. One of the first ways was the invention of the automobile. However, the auto that we now know was a far cry from early version. The first automobiles were powered by steam-powered engines, soon to be followed by gasoline powered engines. Once the gas-powered engine was created, the world of automobiles was changed forever.

Over the past one hundred years, the auto has changed dramatically from early horseless carriages which were powered by steam to today's energy-efficient engines. In the process many pioneers have emerged from inventors who have helped move the automobile industry forward. Pioneers such as Ransom Olds, Walter Chrysler, Karl Benz and Henry Ford all played key roles in the auto industry. To learn more about some of the more notable automotive pioneers, we have put some information together. Please feel free to read the following information to learn more about the history of the automobile.

Henry Ford

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Karl Benz

Harvey Firestone

Ransom Olds

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David Buick

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Charles Nash

Walter Chrysler

Louis Chevrolet