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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Eliot L, owner of a 2017 Ford Escape from Brooklyn, NY

Wonderful service, great item priced right

Matt, owner of a 2017 Ford Mustang from Missouri

Touch-up paint was a decent good match on our 2017 pearl white Mustang. The two stage process was a bit of a headache, but I guess that's what I bought into, huh? Applying the clearcoat from a bottle, even with the package of mini-applicators that I purchased, was folly. Maybe it's just me? Anyway - I suggest skipping the brush-on clearcoat and going straight to the AutomotiveTouchup spray-on clearcoat, which is what I finally ended up doing. Mask off everything around the paint repaired area thoroughly, and give it several light coats. You can then work down the edges (where the painter's tape ended) with rubbing compound. I also bought a set of model maker's plastic detail sanders (with the continuous sanding belt). These small detail sanders were invaluable in getting the base coat sanded down smooth without sanding down into the undamaged surrounding basecoat.

Bob L, owner of a 2017 Ford from Milford, MI

Haven't used the product yet but like the quick friendly service.

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