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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Tim S, owner of a 1975 Ford from Parma, OH

I own a 1975 Ford Granada with a very unpopular but original color green yellow metallic yes it does have 45 year old original paint on the vehicle and it does have some scrapes and bruises and chips throughout the car and I decided not to paint the whole car instead I touched base with your company to order cans of spray paint to touch it up and your clear coat what an outstanding an amazing job your company did in perfectly matching 45 year old paint I just can't believe it and I must say I'm somewhat of a perfectionist thank you guys you did a wonderful job on your customer service and the manufacturing of your products.

Richard M, owner of a 1975 Ford from Boca Raton, FL

Good match.

Michael M, owner of a 1975 Ford from Pickens, SC

Awesome job guys!!! I am very satified with the quality of your product. My vehicle is over 30 years old with the original paint and your paint is a perfect match. When you stand back about 10 feet you can't even tell the old from the new! Your website makes finding the color you need as easy as possible. I will definetly be using your products again and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!

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