Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1991 Dodge Dakota

Restore Your Dodge Finish In Two Steps

Select Your Dodge's Color (Step One)

AutomotiveTouchup paint products are custom mixed to perfectly match the color of your 1991 Dodge Dakota using a basecoat/clearcoat system just like factory specs. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code so you can find it on the chart below. 2007 and newer Dodge models usually have the paint code in the door jamb. Most paint codes are three digits long and start with a P or Q and contains letters and/or numbers. Click here for more Dodge paint code locations and paint code images.

Chip Color Codes Color Description
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Bright White AC10812, AY110GW7, DT1655, GW7, PW7, W12 AC10812, AY110GW7, DT1655, GW7, PW7, W12 Bright White
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Black AY110DX8, AY95DX8, DT4014, DX8, PX8, X13 AY110DX8, AY95DX8, DT4014, DX8, PX8, X13 Black
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Colorado Red AY95HE4, DT3503, PE4 AY95HE4, DT3503, PE4 Colorado Red
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Silver Star Metallic AY96KAC, DT9066, KAC, PAC AY96KAC, DT9066, KAC, PAC Silver Star Metallic
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Banzai Blue Metallic AY96KC3, DT8919, KC3, PC3 AY96KC3, DT8919, KC3, PC3 Banzai Blue Metallic
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Sand Metallic DT6640, PY3 DT6640, PY3 Sand Metallic
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Dark Tundra Metallic DT6649, PT8 DT6649, PT8 Dark Tundra Metallic
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Light Spectrum Blue Metallic DT8916, JB2, PB2 DT8916, JB2, PB2 Light Spectrum Blue Metallic
1991 Dodge Dakota Touch Up Paint | Dark Spectrum Blue Metallic DT8917, PB6 DT8917, PB6 Dark Spectrum Blue Metallic


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Did you choose the wrong vehicle model?

Did you choose the wrong model? How about the 1991 Dodge Caravan, Daytona, Dynasty, Monaco, Ram Truck, Shadow, Spirit, Stealth, or Van?  If you're still not sure, take a look at our All 1991 Dodge Models page.  Or, just go to our page dedicated to Dodge Touch Up Paint

Why The Two-Step Paint System?

Your 1991 Dodge Dakota is painted at the factory with a high quality basecoat/clearcoat system. This two-step paint system consists of step one, the basecoat, which is your car’s actual color, and step two, the clearcoat, the specially formulated clear paint that protects the base color and provides the luster and deep shine your vehicle came with when new. AutomotiveTouchup products faithfully reproduce your vehicle manufacturer’s basecoat/clearcoat system.

Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Wayne G, owner of a 1991 Dodge Dakota from Belmont, OH

I'm so glad that I found AutomotiveTouchup spray paints before repairing rust damage on the tailgate of my Dodge pickup. I didn't really want to refinish the entire tailgate so I decided to give AutomotiveTouchup brand a try for this small repair. These are professional quality paints! The match was perfect. I followed the label directions exactly and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I would HIGHLY recommend these products to anyone doing a similar repair. With such good results, I have decided to use AutomotiveTouchup paints when I repair some rust damage on the front quarter panels of this same pickup. Thank you AutomotiveTouchup.

William N, owner of a 1991 Dodge Dakota from Green Ridge, MO

Perfect Match as Always!

Mark Karns, owner of a 1991 Dodge Stealth from Everett, PA

I've ordered products from AutoTouchup in the past. This order consisted of aerosol red paint and aerosol clear coat for my '91 Dodge Stealth. After shaking the base coat red can violently for several minutes I started applying the base coat. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the spray pattern to be consistent. It would spray fine for a short time then "burp" and start spraying "off and on". I shook it some more and that didn't help. I then turned the can upside down to clean the nozzle. Still didn't help. I removed the nozzle and checked it for any clogging. None evident! So, I probably ended up wasting half the can going over what I had already sprayed to try to prevent "dry spots" in the paint. Luckily, I didn't have many areas that had been primered over, so the can yielded me just enough smooth sprays to coat the whole surface evenly. Putting on the aerosol clear coat was a different matter. Worked as advertised and went on effortlessly. Nice spray pattern and more than enough to coat the base coat!

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