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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Eric Smith, owner of a 1971 Dodge from New Port Richey, Florida

I am very pleased.. The Banana/Bright Yellow/Top Banana is a perfect match !! The spray can was easy to use as well as the touch up in the 2oz bottle.. Placed another order today.. Thank You!!!!

Dave P, owner of a 1971 Dodge from Oak Island, NC

I have used several different paints with excellent results.

Brad L, owner of a 1971 Dodge from CA

I had the engine out of my 71 Dodge Challenger and wanted to freshen up the engine compartment. I had bought your touch up before in the 2 oz bottle and was impressed with the color match to my FY-1 top banana yellow. The base coat covered and blended with out any of the normal start and stop blotches that are common with spray paint. The clear coat brought out the shine. Very impressed with the color match and quality finish. Looks like it was sprayed from a paint gun.

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