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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Jerry L H, owner of a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette from San Diego, CA

I had previously purchased a paint touch-up product from Chevrolet and because of the car being fairly new I felt that the color would match. When it did not I then purchased a different touch-up product from a well known company and once again it did not match. I decided to try one more time and purchased another from AutomotiveTouchup and it matched perfectly.

Richard S, owner of a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette from Morgantown, PA

I been using this company and there paint for years. I paint add on parts to dress up engine Components

John B, owner of a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado from Fort Myers, FL

The paint was a perfect match I am very pleased with the results. Thank you for a great product and service. Jack

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