Sprayable means that all proper solvent has been added to the paint to reduce risk of human error.

1. Base coat color needs a base coat reducer( a solvent for transfer, metallic flow, and for drying properties)

2. Acrylic Lacquer Primer uses automotive grade lacquer thinner. (use of inferior thinners could result in sand scratches, loss of gloss, and shrinking)

3. Acrylic Lacquer Clear: Slightly slower automotive grade lacquer thinner and additives for shine with no buffing. (cheap wash thinner or house/industrial grade added may cause immediate loss of shine and no humidity resistance.)

4. Urethane clear: consists of both clear and a catalyst (clear hardener) in separate cans. This product will expire hours after mixing together. It has the highest solvent resistance, flexibility, and durability over the acrylic lacquer clear.