Spray Paint

Welcome to our aerosol spray paint can section. Almost all cars 1980 and newer are basecoat / clear coat. We mix the highest paint quality available for your order. Most modern vehicles and some older cars are available in only a basecoat formula which requires clearcoat. If you would like to order touch up paint with a brush top and more accessories click here. Spray Paint Directions

12 oz Basecoat Color
12 oz Aerosol High Gloss Clear Coat
12 oz Aerosol Sandable Acrylic Lacquer Primer

12 oz Aerosol Plastic Parts Adhesion Promoter
Mar-Hyde™ Black Satin Automotive Trim Coating
SprayMax 2K Urethane Clearcoat (respirator mask mandatory)

SprayMax 2K Urethane Clearcoat (respirator mask mandatory)Price: $18.95

11.8 ounce 2K clearcoat has the durability and gloss of a urethane clearcoat, with the convenience of an aerosol. This product contains isocyanates which are toxic to the respiratory system. A respirator mask is mandatory when using this product, or any product with isocyanates.
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Aerosol Spray Can Trigger
Wet Sandpaper Pack Assortment
Sandpaper Pack

2 oz Prep Solvent
3/4" 3m Green Auto Grade
1 1/2" 3m Green Auto Grade
Gold Tack Cloth
Bandit N95 Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator for use against paint fumes

Organic Vapor Respirator, for use against paint fumes.