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Locate your Porsche's Paint Code


Porsche Labels are difficult to find. Check around your spare tire for a large white paper label. Porsche can hide this label in odd places and it is inconsistent. Also look in your car manual. There is a duplicate of that same sticker there, although I am uncertain if Porsche did that for all of their cars, or only for a few select years. The paint code is either four digits long and starts with an "L" or it is three digits long. It will contain letters and or numbers. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Porsche go here: Porsche Touch Up Paint

Porsche Paint Code Located in the user manual.

This image was taken from one of the pages in your Porsche car manual. LM7W is the paint code in this example.

Porsche Paint Code Label Located in the spare tire area.

This image is taken from the spare tire area from the same car. LM7W is still the paint code.

Porsche Boxster Paint Code Label

This image was taken from a 1999 Porsche Boxster. 3AU or L3AU is the paint code for this glacier white Porsche.

Porsche Paint Code Label

Take a look at the diagram below, it'll show you where to check your Porsche for your paint code location tag.

1: In the glove department the first page of the owner’s manual has a paint code ID label.

2: Center of hood/bonnet mid 1970’s through 2005.

3 and 4: in the front compartment storage area. You may have to pull in the carpet sides. There should be tabs to release and reseat the carpet.

5: Cayenne and Panemera should be in the spare tire compartment area.

porsche paint code location

Additional info: Porsche also quit putting the labels on and left them up to the dealers to install. It was on a sticker sheet inside a bag that the front license plate came in. If the front license plate frame was unnecessary the label may have been disregarded. In this case you should still have the additional paint code label in the owner’s manual.

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