Mitsubishi Paint Codes

Paint Codes For Mitsubishi

All paint codes for all Acura models are located in the driver side door jamb (position 1). The highlighted part displays the color code. These codes can contain both letters, dashes, and numbers. This is a photo of a real label from an actual Honda Vehicle, but both Honda and Acura vehicles have identical labels for the paint code. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Mitsubishi go here: Mitsubishi Touch Up Paint

mitsubishi side

All Models:
1, 2, and 5 Firewall, #4 Radiator Support, #3 driver door jamb, #3 passenger door jamb
3000GT: #5 driver side firewall, under trunk lid, side compartment, or back of rear seat
Diamante: #1 Center of Firewall
Eclipse: #2 Passenger Side Firewall, #1 Center of Firewall
Endeavor: #1 Center of Firewall
Expo: #1 Center of Firewall
Galant: #2 Passenger Side Firewall, #1 Center of Firewall
Lancer: #1 Center of Firewall
Mirage: #2 Passenger Side Firewall, #1 Center of Firewall
Montero: #2 Passenger Side Firewall, #4 radiator support
Outlander: #1 Center of Firewall
Precis: #2 Passenger Side Firewall
Raider: Front Passenger Floor pan, or #3 Door Jamb
Sigma: #2 Passenger Side Firewall
Spyder: #2 Passenger side Firewall, #3 driver door jamb
Truck: #2 Passenger Side Firewall
Van: Below Passenger Seat under carpet flap

Mitsubishi Paint Code Tag
The paint code for this Mitsubishi is A31.

Mitsubishi Truck Paint Code Door Tag.

Some Mitsubishi Trucks like the Raider were manufactured by or in partnership with Chrysler. This photo was taken from a Mitsubishi Truck. The paint code is PW7.

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