Mercedes-Benz Paint Codes

Paint Codes For Mercedes Benz

A typical Mercedes Benz paint color code is 3 digits long and contains numbers only. Older codes may have a prefix of DB followed by a three digit number such as DB-723. Check the #1 driver side door jamb, #2 the radiator crossover or support bar, and also in the #3 engine compartment adhered to the underside of the hood. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Mercedes Benz go here: Mercedes-Benz Touch Up Paint.

Mercedes Banz Paint Color Code Location Diagram

mercedes paint code
The paint code for this Mercedes Benz ML350 is 040.

Mercedes Benz Paint Code Sticker
The paint color code of this Mercedes Benz is 197.

Mercedes Benz Paint Code Label
This Mercedes Benz has a paint color code of 723.

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