Eagle Paint Codes

Paint Codes For Eagle

Eagle paint color codes can be located in passenger side fender wall by the strut tower, on the firewall on either the center or the passenger side, or in front of the radiator support. Most Eagle codes are 3 digits long and may contain both letters and numbers. If you have an Eagle Car it would help our customers and other Eagle owners in locating their color if you submit a photo here. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Eagle go here: Eagle Touch Up Paint

eagle paint code

2000 GTX: Location Unknown
Premier: #3 Inner Fender well (Passenger Side)
Summit: #1 or #2 Firewall  (Passenger Side /  Middle)
Talon: #1 or #2 Firewall (Passenger Side /  Middle)
Vision: #4 In Front of Radiator (Passenger Side), or #3 Inner Fender well

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