Daewoo Paint Codes

Paint Codes For Daewoo

Paint codes on a Daewoo are slightly inconsistent. While they are supposed to be on the firewall or the radiator support, look around in the trunk too. A Daewoo paint color code is supposed to consist of letter and numbers. I have seen them as 2, 3, and 4 digits long. I have also seen them shown identical to the format of GM cars paint codes as well. If you need help finding the right color, please call in. If you can submit a picture of your paint code tag it would help many others out. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Daewoo go here: Daewoo Touch Up Paint.

Daewoo Paint Code Location Diagram Side View

Daewoo Paint Code Locations

All Models: #1 Radiator Crossover Support Bar
Lanos: #1 Radiator Support
Leganza: #1 Radiator Support
Nubira: #2 Center of Firewall

Daewoo Paint Code Example

This Daewoo has a paint code of 92U

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