BMW Paint Codes

Paint Codes For BMW

BMW paint codes normally have three digits, and sometimes have a slash followed by a fourth digit. Paint code tags are normally placed under the hood and either on one of the strut towers or fender edges such as position one and two. The paint color code can also be located on the right side and slightly lower than the fender on the engine wall. 472 is the color code for this BMW and 275 is for the other one. The name of the car color is also on the same tag. I have seen them spelled out in both English and German. For a list of touch up paint colors for your BMW, use the following link: BMW Touch Up Paint

These colors are available in touch up paint , spray paint, and ready to spray paint for larger quantities. This is a photo of a tag from an actual BMW car.
BMW paint code 472 tagbmw paint code tag

BMW Color Code Tag

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BMW Customer Service: 800-831-1117 (located in NJ)