Affiliate Agreement

AutomotiveTouchup Affiliate Agreement

We require a minimum of $100.00 to make any payment; currently we are offering 10% commission.

  • all tier 1 sales = 10%
  • tier2 sales on sub affiliates = 2%
  • Cookies are set to last 90 days or until the first sale

We reserve the right to cancel sales which have either cancelled, charged back, had a declined payment, or when the order did not exist because of any technical error. We can not ship paint outside the US. We are currently restricted from shipping certain materials and quantities to APO (military) addresses. Most order are flammable such as spray paint and other touch up paints, so we are restricted to ship via surface methods.

We reserve the right to make changes within reason to this agreement when necessary.

You agree that we have permission to email you, mainly about promotional data including contests, bonuses, or added materials such as banners and text.

We reserve the right to either suspend or remove any accounts under any "serious" matter including:

  • Unsolicited mass bulk emailing without consent from your audience
  • If you infringe copy written material whether it is unapproved material taken from our website, or from a competitor.
  • If you infringe upon any trademarks from any website competitor or national competitor.
  • If you cause any legal troubles for invading user agreements.
  • Fraud: including fraudulent signup information, fraudulent sales or defrauding the customer with fake coupons or promotions.

Most offenses require only a warning, depending on the seriousness of the problem. We really do not care how you promote our products as long as it is done ethically. We have a very respectable brand with a high quality service and would like to protect it.

This affiliate relationship may end by either party.

Any materials provided are property of Microfinish LLC and are to be used only for and not for any competitor.

You can not "double dip" first and second tier commissions. This means that one affiliate can not receive earnings on two levels of commissions for one sale.

You may not abuse the trademarks of, claim to be, or claim to be affiliated with a car manufacturer in your website or other marketing materials.