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Make Note: Click here for Nissan paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
002 White
06A, 882 Light Brown Metallic
07A, 405 Brown Metallic
18A Granate Metallic
19A Gris Metallic
21A, 732 Black Pearl
27A Blanco Policia
28A Vert Guardia Civil
326 White
419 Orange
431 Yellow
451 Gold
463 Gray
465 Bright Red
468 Grayish Beige Metallic
472 Dark Green
531 White/White Crystal
544 Blue
545 Dark Gray Metallic
549 Silver
5920, QS0, YO Oxford White
598 White
621 White
627 Dark Reddish Brown Metallic
628 Green
6731 Portofino
6752, BB, JP2 Outback Gold Pearl/Outback Gold Metallic
734 Blue
805 White
AG2 Aztec Red
AH3 Cherry Red Pearl
AJ4 Active Red/Scarlet/Ultra Red
AL0 Red/Ruby Pearl
AN0 Super Clear Red Metallic
AP0 Cayenne Red Pearl
AP4, BA, BA / P4, FL Sunset Red Metallic
AR2 Red
BG2 Turquoise Metallic
BK8 Dark Blue
BL1 Bluish Purple Pearl
BL3 Grayish Blue
BL6 Blue
BL7 Aussie Blue Pearl
BM1 Dark Blue/Dark Blue Pearl
BM3 Bluish Gray Metallic
BM7 Light Violet Metallic
BN0 Dark Green Blue Pearl
BN5 Light Blue/Silver Mint Metallic
BN6 Dark Blue/Starfire Blue Metallic/Starfire Blue Pearl
BN7 Light Violet
BP0 Blue Metallic
BP3 Blue/Mediterranean Pearl
BP4, XC Caribbean Blue Metallic
BP5, XB Dark Portofino Blue Metallic
BP9 Dark Blue
BR1 Dark Blue/Royal Blue Pearl
BR2 Light Blue/Pacific Blue Metallic
BR3 Purple
BR5 Grayish Blue Metallic
BR6 Light Blue Metallic
BR7 Blue
BR8 Blue Metallic
BR9 Blue Metallic
BS0 Dark Blue Metallic
BS2 Blue Pearl
BT2 Blue
CG2 Beige/Pebble Beige Metallic
CK0 Light Brown/Light Brown Metallic
CK5 Brown Gray
CK7 Orange Metallic
CM1 Light Beige Metallic
CP1 Grayish Brown Metallic
CP2 Brown/Mahogany Pearl
CR0 Beige/Sahara Beige Metallic/Tuscan Beige Metallic
CR1 Brown
CS0 Bronze Metallic
DJ2 Black Emerald Metallic
DK6 Blue Green
DL2 Graysih Green Metallic
DN1 Cobalt Green Pearl
DN2 Light Green Metallic
DN2 Green Pearl
DN3 Yellow Green
DP0 Dark Green/Deep Evergreen Metallic/Deep Evergreen Pearl
DP1 Green Metallic
DP2, FE Evergreen Metallic/Green/Light Argentine Metallic
DP3, DR3 Dark Green/Rainforest Green Pearl
DP3, SH Ocean Teal Metallic
DR2 Green Metallic
DR4 Dark Grayish Green Metallic
DR4 Dark Grayish Green Pearl
DR5 Green
DR6 Green Metallic
EH2 Light Yellow
EH3 Dark Yellow
EJ3 Gold Pearl
EM0 Light Gold Metallic
EM1 Champagne Gold Pearl/Light Gold Green
ER2 Yellow Metallic
ER3 Yellow Metallic
ER4 Yellow/Yellow Olive Metallic
ES6 Grayish Beige Metallic
ET7 Olive Metallic
FH1 Bluish Green
FJ1 Bluish Green Pearl
FK1 Grayish Blue
FL0 Greenish Silver Pearl
FM0 Turquoise Metallic
FN1 Bluish Green Metallic
FN2 Blue Emerald Pearl/Blue Green
FN3 Bluish Green Metallic
FN4 Blue Green/Vivid Teal Pearl
FP0 Bluish Green Pearl/Dark Green Pearl
FP2 Mallard Green Metallic
GK, LP8 Island Lilac Metallic
GN0 Black/Black Pearl
JK1 Sepia Metallic
JP0 Light Green Metallic
JP1 Yellow Green
JR0 Olive Metallic
JS1 Dark Green Pearl
KG1 Blue Silver/Sterling Blue Metallic
KG5 Country White
KH1 White
KH2 Dark Gray
KH3 Black/Black Obsidian/Super Black
KJ1 Beige Pearl/Yellow Silver
KJ5 Slate Gray Pearl
KJ6 Dark Bluish Black
KJ7 Ivory
KK0 Dark Gray
KK1 Blue/Blue Metallic
KK2, ZC Pure White
KK4, RC Graphite Metallic
KL0 Platinum Metallic/Platinum Silver Metallic/Silver Ice Metallic
KL1 Blue Gray
KM1 Gray Metallic
KN0 Platinum Metallic/Silver
KN4 Platinum Gold Metallic/Yellow Silver
KN6 Dark Gray/Granite Pearl
KN8 Dark Gray/Granite Pearl
KP1 Dark Gray Pearl
KP2, YX Desert Silver Metallic
KR2 Gray Metallic
KR6 Greenish Gray Pearl
KS1 Gray Metallic
LD, TP0, TPO Wedgewood Blue Metallic
LJ0 Silver
LK5 Greenish Violet
LN1 Dark Gray
LP0 Light Amethyst Metallic/Platinum Iris Metallic/Purple Silver
LP1 Grayish Purple Metallic
LP2 Deep Purple Pearl
LP5 Chianti Red Metallic
LP6 Dark Green Purple
LR0 Magenta Metallic/Red Purple
LR1 Purple
LR2 Purple
LR3 Dark Purple Pearl
LS0 Purple Pearl
LS3 Desert Violet Metallic
LS7 Violet Metallic
QM1 Cloud White
QN0 Arctic White Pearl
QR0 White
QR2 White Pearl
TH1 Dark Blue
TH3 Blue
TJ4 Purple Blue
TK2 Purple Blue
TK3 Dark Blue/Sapphire Blue Metallic/Sapphire Blue Pearl/Superior Blue Metallic
TP1 Java Blue Metallic
WK0 Aspen White Pearl/Aspen White Pearlglow
WK1 Silver
WK2 Green Silver
YN Silver Metallic
Z11 Black Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 1R4
KP2, YX Desert Silver Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 5N0
CK5 Brown Gray
KK1 Blue/Blue Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 5R6
BM7 Light Violet Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 5R7
WK2 Green Silver
Two Tone Color Combination - 5R8
DN1 Cobalt Green Pearl
KR2 Gray Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 5R9
CP2 Brown/Mahogany Pearl
KR2 Gray Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 6R1
BN7 Light Violet
KR2 Gray Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 7P6
GK, LP8 Island Lilac Metallic
KP2, YX Desert Silver Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 7P8
KP2, YX Desert Silver Metallic
LD, TP0, TPO Wedgewood Blue Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 8P6
AP4, BA, BA / P4, FL Sunset Red Metallic
KK4, RC Graphite Metallic

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Don V, owner of a 1996 Nissan from Moro, AR

Love your paint and clearcoat, very good match, although I'm repainting my boat trailer, I picked this color cherry red, had to order another can and it matched the 1st can I had bought, this was my 1st time to use your clearcoat, I must say, best clear I've used, thank you, and expect me to order more paint and clearcoat when I start on my next project this fall, again good work, Don.

Eric A, owner of a 1995 Nissan 300ZX from Edmonton, Canada

Very impressed with the perfect colour match and high quality of paint. The area I touched up blends extremely well into the factory 16-year-old paint. I will be doing business with you again. Thanks!

Ken Tracy, owner of a 1995 Nissan Maxima from Murfreesboro, TN

Couldn't find my color paint auto stores at all . It's for a 95 maxima black green met. paint. So I went to a auto paint store who would mix it for me. $40. Then I had to buy the aerosol can ,another $10. I bought your product AND the clearcoat for half the price. I painted the front passenger bumper and you can't tell anything was damaged. Thanks Ken Murfreesboro, Tn

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