Choose your Automotive paint color for your 2008 Mercedes-Benz All Models.

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Make Note: The code on your identificaiton sticker will normally have many numbers in it with no prefix identifying a number as a paint code. The paint code will either be three or four digits. Some times the code will have a prefix of DB but this is not consistant. Click here for Mercedes Benz examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
001 Crystal Covelline Blue Metallic
0039, 039 Designo Mauritiusblau Metallic
0-044, 0044, 044 Designo Magno Allanitgrau Meta
033 Desino Mocha Blk Metallic/Espresso Metallic/Mocha Black Metallic
040, 9040 Black/Schwarz
041 Designo Graphite Metallic/Graphite Green Metallic
048 Designo Mysticweiss II Pearl/Designo Mystic White Pearl
112, 9112 Chromite Black Metallic/Chromitschwarz Metallic/Majestic Black Metallic
1247, 247 Mellitgelb
147, 9147 Arktikweiss
154, 9154 Carbonschwarz Metallic
158, 9158 Galaxit Black Metallic
1-693, 1693, 693, 6938ALT3) Desert Silver Metallic/Travertinbeige Metallic
170, 9170 Columbite Black Pearl/Sienna Black Pearl
1798, 798 Sand Beige Metallic/Sandina Beige Metallic
187, 9-187, 9187 Bonamitsilber Metallic
191, 9191 Cosmos Black Metallic/Kosmosschwarz Metallic
197, 9197 Obsidian Black Metallic/Obsidianschwarz Metallic
240, 5240 Lotusblau Metallic
300, 6300 Jade Green Metallic
302 Mc Laren Pure Red/Pearl Laren Pure Red
345, 5345 Orion Blue Metallic
349, 5349 Alpine Rain Metallic
3512, 512 Almadinrot Metallic
353, 5353 Platinum Blue Metallic
3541, 541 Storm Red Metallic
3544, 544 Barolo Red Metallic/Carneolrot Metallic
3548, 548 Bernsteinrot Metallic
3583, 583 Velvetrot
3586, 586 Magmarot
3589, 589 Jupiter Red/Jupiterrot
359, 5359 Capri Blue Metallic/Tansanitblau Metallic
3590, 590 Feueropal/Fire Opal/Mars Red
3597, 597 Saturn Red Metallic/Saturnrot Metallic
368, 7368 Flint Gray Metallic/Flintgrau Metallic
370, 7370 Andorite Gray Metallic
373, 5373 Atlantisblau
375, 5375 Atoll Blue Metallic
391, 5391 Horizon Blue Metallic/Horizontblau Metallic
474, 8474 Peridotbraun Metallic
490, 8-490, 8490 Steppenbraun Metallic
492, 8492 Rutilbraun Metallic
494, 8494 Germanitgrau Metallic/Titanium Gray Metallic
5-950, 5950, 950 Benitoitblau Metallic/Caspian Blue Metallic
5955, 955 Mistralblau Metallic
650, 9650 Arctic White/Calcite White/Calcitweiss
6816, 816 Andraditgruen Metallic
6830, 830 Aquagruen
696, 9696 Nachtschwarz/Night Black
701 Crystal Antimon Gray Metallic
703 Osmium Gray Metallic
710 Mc Laren Crystal Palladium Gra/Palladium Gray Metallic/Pearl Laren Crystal Palladium
721 Nevada Silver Metallic
723, 9723 Cubanitsilber Metallic/Pewter Metallic
735, 7735 Luganograu Metallic
744, 9744 Brillantsilber Metallic
747, 7747 Granite Gray Metallic
748, 7748 Comet Gray Metallic
755, 7755 Steel Gray Metallic/Tenoritgrau Metallic
761, 9761 Polar Silver Metallic/Polarsilber Metallic
762, 9762 Diamond Silver Metallic
775, 9775 Iridium Silver Metallic/Iridiumsilber Metallic
7787, 787 Mountaingrau Metallic
7-792, 792, 9-792, 9792 Palladium Silver Metallic
780, 960, 9960 Alabaster White/Alabasterweiss/Pure White
783, 9783 Riffsilber Metallic
785, 9785 Antigua White Pearl
799, 9799 Diamantweiss Pearl/Diamond White Pearl
901 Pure Black
960 Mc Laren Pure White/Pearl Laren Pure White
963, 9963 Indium Gray Metallic
977 Crystal Laurit Silver Metallic

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Ben G, owner of a 2007 Mercedes-Benz Gl Class from Acworth, GA

I have ordered from these guys for 10 years for over 6 different cars. EVERY time the color is perfect! I have painted 3 bumpers using the spray can and it comes out as good as a shop. Neighbors have asked if I'll paint their cars! I just give them the automotivetouchup web site. Great customer service. Intuitive website. Fast delivery. This is a company to be proud of.

Bob, owner of a 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL Class from Lake Wales, FL

After finding out that no local vendors had the factory color that I needed, I turned to an internet search. Seems like an endless list of places, Amazon, eBay, etc that might have what I wanted. I settled on AutomotiveTouchup because their site appeared to have more information on their products and how to use them. This was important since I had not done this before - even though I suspected it was probably easy. Well the paint arrived and I started right away. The process is VERY easy. The secret to success is to apply small dabs of paint to each spot - and doing it as many times as needed. This is obviously time consuming (allow 15 minutes between coats) but the results are well worth it. An important note: mark your spots with a piece of painters tape or similar. Because after you have added a few coats to the spot in question - you will not be able to find it again in order to add the Clear Coat to finish the job.

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