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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Clark M, owner of a 2002 Mazda Miata from Spartanburg, SC

My Miata color is called Crystal Blue Mica it was only available in 2001-2002 as a special order, it's a metallic blue color. It's not something that I can get at the auto parts store. You guys nailed it , I sprayed the sample card and it's a perfect match! If I need paint for any of my cars I know where to go now.

Alexis T, owner of a 2002 Mazda B2300 from Old Bethpage, NY

Perfect match on my paint. Thanks

Martin S, owner of a 2002 Mazda Miata from Valdosta, GA

Martin Stearns Valdosta, Georgia. I bought the primer, paint and clearcoat touch-up pens, along with various neat touchup tools, to fine tune some nicks on my Miata. The Mazda Blue (22A) that automtivetouchup.com sent was pretty darn spot on; probably couldn't find a closer match. I thoroughly enjoy the product and service this company offers. I will definitely recommend to customer, colleagues and friends and will be a repeat customer for all my color matches in the future... Very near future. Shortly after perfecting my paint using the touchup pens, I had an (unrelated) uh-oh with my trunk's clearcoat. I'm going to try the aerosol can for this project. I was debating on sending this as feedback or not, only because I wanted to attach pictures of my car. To stray away from sounding like a commercial, I thought I'd provide some constructive feedback. I noticed there are little incentives on this site compared with other online retailers. Even when a customer goes to check out and reaches the promo-code section, there's not a lot of information on this site regarding discounts and incentives. Running a Google search for promo codes (everyone does it) or using the Honey Add-On, all the results for promo codes offered are just filler/smut, when other retailers have an arsenal of legitimate codes posted by an array of users on many sites. There's even one website that appears to be created for the sole reason of stating there are not promo codes for this site. http://automotivetouchupcoupon.com/ . I know auto-body painting is something the average person has to do seldom in their lifetime, sometimes never, but I would love to see something going on to spark incentive; maybe for customers who paint on a professional level and order your product frequently. Not that I know anything regarding this company's revenue and orders to tell if this kind of clientele exists, but from, a new customer standpoint, it would excite me to see these kind of incentives because it would let me know that the average Joe sitting in his garage is probably doing taking on these kinds of DIY projects; I can do it also! I do enjoy the customers' testimonials on this site, however, that pertain to this. Plus the amount of How-To's and variety of products available definitely surpasses competitor sites. And the quality of the paint... Hat's off to you. Amazing results. May the automotivetouchup.com Gods smile upon me with a can of 22A to finish my car. Superb. 9.5/10. Spot-on. Hats off & most of all Thank-you.

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