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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Gerald Y, owner of a 2015 Lexus LS460 from Birmingham, AL

I'm an average car guy in that I want my car to look very good. The usual items that I'm willing to tackle are to stone chips to the front and hood of my car. I would recommend you put together a video of how to best fill in these small holes to level out the surface of current paint. I'm having trouble getting the results I'M LOOKING FOR.

Anil, owner of a 2015 Lexus IS250 from San Diego, CA

I was able to fully remove a 10 inch long scratch from the rear fender of my 2015 Lexus using spray paint and clear coat from Automotive Touchup. The color match was perfect.

James K, owner of a 2015 Lexus ES350 from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Being a novice, I ordered touch-up paint 077 pens. Received two pens: #1 ground-coat and #2 mid-coat. On the #2 mid-coat pen it states that I should apply clear-coat. I didn't receive a clear-coat pen. The bill was correct for what I received. Wish that the packet I received had included the clear-coat pen since I didn't know I needed a third pen. Maybe your website could inform novices like me that such an additional pen is needed. also, the 077 paint that I ordered is much whiter than the original paint but then again the car is a 2015 model. Overall, as a novice, I'm happy with your company.

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