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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0632, XSC0632 Black
0A, OA, XSC632 Black
11, M6330A, YF Light Titanium Metallic
12, M6373A, UA Ebony
16 Silver Metallic
17, M6345A Titanium Metallic
1C, C1, M1724A, Y4, YC Black
1D, M6044A, YW Smoke Metallic
1E, M5967A Silver Metallic
1F, M6021A, YR Smoke Metallic
1G, M6214A, YV Light Smoke Metallic
1K, M6062A, Z6 Smoke
1L, M6069A Crystal Metallic
1Q, M5909A, YM Silver Metallic
1R, M6018A, YO Black
1S, M6171A, YE Bronze Black Metallic
21, EP, M6346A Vermilion/Vermillion
22, ET, M5696A Rangoon Red
2361, KRYE, XSC2361 Smokestone Mica
27, EM, M6153A Medium Red
2B, 3, 6, M3560A Viking Red
2D, EN, M6236A Medium Scarlet
2E, M5944A Light Canyon Red
2F, EC, M6325A Currant Red
2H, EH, M6156A Medium Cabernet
2K, EU, M5681A Candyapple Red
2L, M5682A Maroon
2S, ED, M6378A Bright Currant Red Metallic
2V, ER, M6034A Bright Red
3C, M6218A Light Cadet Blue Metallic
3D, M6219A Medium Cadet Blue Metallic
3N, M6027A Bright Dark Blue Metallic
3Q, 6327, KA, M6327A Crystal Blue Metallic
3R, M6225A Medium Shadow Blue Metallic
3T, 6, I, M5004A, MR Bahama Blue
42, M6176A, SC Alpine Green Metallic
43, M6338A, SA Hunter Green Metallic
47 Ondo Blue Metallic
49, M6353A, YT Graphite Metallic
4N, 6342, EL Wild Strawberry Pearl
4N, EL, M6342A Wild Strawberry Metallic
4Q, EK, M6413A Wild Strawberry Metallic
4S, M6390A, YU Titanium Metallic
4V, M6411A Dark Currant Red Metallic
4Y Titanium Frost Pearl
54, M6028A Bright Caramel Metallic
5C, M6270A Cinnabar Metallic
5F, CC, M5466A Bright Orange
6062 Smoke
62, AW, M6312A Medium Sandalwood Metallic
6253 Light Sandalwood Metallic
63, AX, M6253A Light Sandalwood Metallic
6328 Light Crystal Blue Metallic
6338, SA Hunter Green Pearl
6381, 9G, EE Midnight Currant Red Metallic
64, AY, M6333A Pastel Sandalwood
65 Antique Gold Metallic
66, M6316A Mimosa
67, AL, M6284A School Bus Yellow
691A Diamantweiss
6D, E4, M6470A Vermilion
6E, M5941A, Y2 Wheat Metallic
6F, M6344A Light Adobe
6N, M5733A Bright Yellow
6T, M6223A Light Beige/Light Wheat
6U, M6224A Wheat Metallic
6V, AA, M6321A Pastel Adobe
6Y, M6286A Dark Chestnut Metallic
78, M6277A Shadow Blue Metallic
7A, M6047A, MH Spinnaker Blue
7D, L, M1237A, SD Holly Green
7E, M6328A, MA Light Crystal Blue Metallic
7F, M6290A, MK Twilight Blue Metallic
7H, M5979A, MG Bright Regatta Blue Metallic
7L Marine Blue Metallic
7N, M6188A, MJ Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
7Q, M6196A Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
8B, EG, M6425A Elec Currant Red Metallic
8E, M6012A Bright Copper Metallic
8N, M6254A Rose Quartz Metallic
8Q, M5934A Light Desert Tan
8S, A3, M6377A Pastel Adobe
8Z, AR, M6114A Sandalwood Metallic
94, M6347A, ZA Diamond White
95, CE, M6262A Dark Chestnut Metallic
9A, M1619A Wimbledon White
9E, C, M1525A, YG Special White
9G, EE, M6381A Mid Currant Red Metallic/Midnight Currant Red Metallic
9J, M6406A, ZC Glacier White
9L, M5920A, YO Oxford White
9M, M6210A, YY White
9N, AT, M5916A Desert Tan Metallic
9T, M6190A Light Chestnut
9Y, M5858A Medium Walnut Metallic
9Z, M6349A Silver Metallic
A1 Silver Metallic
A2 Medium Canyon Red Metallic
A2 Medium Red Metallic
A2, B8 Medium Sandalwood Metallic
A5, A8 Light Sandalwood Metallic
A6 Mimosa
A7 Bright Blue Metallic
A7 Bright Regatta Blue Metallic
A9 Oxford White
B1 Graphite Metallic
B2 Bright Red
B7 Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
B8 Medium Sandalwood Pearl
B9 Oxford White
BKP, KDAD, KDBA, XSC1146 Genetian Blue/Gentian Blue
C2 Bright Red
C7 Bright Blue Metallic
C9, Y5 Oxford White
D1 Silver Metallic
D2 Bright Red Metallic
D2 Bright Red Pearl
E1 Dark Titanium Pearl
E1, Y7 Dark Titanium Metallic
E2 Garnet Metallic
E2 Garnet Pearl
F1 Crystal Metallic
F2 Canyon Red
M Wimbledon White
XSC2251 Radiant Red

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Ronald T, owner of a 1989 Ford from Brandenburg, KY

The color of the paint matched almost perfectly. The spray can is the best I have ever used. The paint did not drip around the nozzle and sprayed a very nice pattern. The paint also dried very quickly which made the job go much faster. Ron Tennyson Brandenburg, Ky 40108

David A, owner of a 1989 Ford from Great Falls, VA

My 1989 Ford F-250 was freshly restored to its factory colors when a technician doing some work on the truck backed it into some equipment, leaving some deep scratches down the bed. The scratches couldn't be rubbed out so I decided to try your paint pens. Was surprised that the colors for a 24 year old truck were a perfect match! Can't even see the scratches now! Really pleased.

Gary M, owner of a 1989 Ford from Homer Glen, IL

I sent you a paint formula (Dupont, not the one you use), computer matched from a body shop of the paint covering a 80's era Chicago parking meter. With the help of Sheila, she researched it to come up with the equivalent of an 89 Ford dark titanium metallic. The color was perfect and I now have a very nice restored parking meter for the man cave. AAA++

Smart Alec, owner of a 1989 Ford from Petaluma, CA

Fast delivery and excellent match. I had previously used another firm, but now I will only use you guys. Great price with excellent product that completely met my requirements. Thanks.

Joe V, owner of a 1989 Ford from Orlando, FL

Touch up was great, perfect match.

Tomas S, owner of a 1989 Ford from Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

The specific paint (1K) code was no longer available from Ford, 1989. I was a little skeptical about the matching since it's not coming from the dealer. However, since I have not been able to find any other alternatives so I purchased the small bottle to test it out. Well, I'm real happy, the color matches perfect. I will soon be ordering the spray can version and another color for my wifes Pacifica. Thanks for your help. -Tomas

Michael H, owner of a 1989 Ford from Thurston County, WA

Superb service and price... Perfect color match!

Ron P, owner of a 1989 Ford from Fullerton, CA

The factory paint color I received for my 89' Mustang was near perfect... and I was able to do some cosmetic work to the car that would have cost me thousands. Fortunately I know how to do minor body work. The aerosol option is great for minor repairs and touch-ups. Excellent product and service... Thank you!

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