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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

John K, owner of a 1988 Volvo from Montclair, NJ

Product is excellent. I am taking my time with the application process, though, as I believe it is trickier than it seems. I have a beautiful, '88 Volvo that has no rust, but is losing it's clear coat in spots. Also, there are a few slight blemishes her and there - probably noticeable only to me. In trying first the paint pen I've noticed: 1) less is better, and 2) one must gently buff the spot before application for best result. I am VERY PLEASED with your product, however. I am apprehensive about treating larger areas w/o some guide, so I am scanning you- tube. You are the pros, though, and any help for a 1st timer would be appreciated!

Jared A, owner of a 2001 Volvo from CA

My son smashed my wife's car and the body shop estimate was over 2000$. I was able to find a replacement fender online but my wife was very suspect of how it would match the rest of the car. I used your website claims as a means to calm her nerves, and kept my fingers crossed. When the paint arrived, my wife was at work in my car so I immediately got to painting. Within 2 hours the fender had 3 coats of paint and a couple coats of clear coat that looked pretty close to the car, but I still had to attach the fender and see if everything matched. I was rewarded in my confidence with a fender that was even covered and colored and almost identical to the rest of the car. After I washed up the rest of the car and let it sit in the sun a few days, it looks perfect. I could not believe how well the color matched, or how easily the nozzle on the spray can was to apply a uniform coat of paint. I hope my kids stop crashing my cars, but knowing I can replace parts and get them painted at home, opens a lot of possibilities. Thank you and I will not only be a repeat customer, I will tell all my friends about your amazing product.

Gary M, owner of a 2001 Volvo S80 from Decatur, GA

4th time I have bought paint from you guys and as always color was a perfect match. After wet sanding adding color then clear coat and buffing out with rubbing compound you really have to know what your looking for to tell that I had some serious scratches on hood and both front fenders of my car. Had a price of close to 1000.00 bucks that I did for less than 100.

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