Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1982 Volkswagen All Models.

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Select the color for your 1982 Volkswagen All Models below by clicking on any item in the corresponding row. After the color is selected, just click the "choose your color" button to see the products we offer with that color!

Make Note: The paint code is normally located in the back compartment panel in the trunk. Click here for Volkswagen paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
301 Hellblau Metallic
304 Minervablau Metallic
655, LM8U, LM8V Platin Metallic
9089, 9957, L97A, LE7Y, LF7T, LF7Y, Z4 Diamantsilber Metallic
90E, L90E Alpinweiss
956, LM7V Zinc Metallic
9977, L94E, V8 Oakgruen Metallic
A6, A7A, LA7A Ascot Gray
B5V, LB5V Kometenblau Metallic
H5G, LH5G Medium Blue
H5H, LH5H Cornat Blue
L30T Hellblau Metallic
L82 Slberweiss
L94A Inaris Silver Metallic
L94A Inarisilber Metallic
LA1M Colorado Beige
LA1V Sand Metallic
LA3A Mars Red
LA3B Gambia Red
LA3Y Surinam Red Metallic
LA3Y Surinam Metallic
LA4V Brombeer Metallic
LA5D Monacoblau
LA5Y, W5 Helios Blue Metallic
LA6V Lhasa Metallic
LB5Y Regatta Blue Metallic
LB5Y Regattablau Metallic
LB5Z Biskayablau Metallic
LD6V Onyx Metallic
LD8A Havanna Brown
LE1B Sunbrite Yellow
LE1M Mexico Beige
LE1Y Sandstone Metallic
LE1Z Burnished Gold Metallic
LE3K Mahogany
LE5B Lago Blue
LE5T Midnight Blue
LE6B Mountain Green
LE6U Slate Gray Metallic
LE6Z Forest Green Metallic
LE7Y Diamond Silver Metallic
LE9C Cashmere White
LG9U Anthrazit Metallic
LH1B Bamboo
LH1N Samos Beige
LH5K Guinea Blue
LH5T Kuril Blue
LH8B Assuan Brown
LK1A Lagos Yellow
LK5V Cirrus Gray Metallic
LK5V Zirrus Metallic
LK5Y Cosmos Silver Metallic
LK6Y Zederngruen Metallic
LK8V Sudabraun Metallic
LP1V Silberdistel Metallic
LP3Y Perlrose Metallic
LP7V Atlasgrau Metallic
LP9V, P9V Schwarz Metallic
LY1V Gobi Metallic
LY7A Gabungrau
LZ5V Azur Metallic
LZ6V Schilf Metallic
LZ6Y Dunkelgruen Metallic
LZ7V Grau Metallic
LZ7Y Dunkelgrau Metallic
LZ8V Marron Metallic
R4 Atlasgrau Metallic

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Tony T, owner of a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta from Auburn, NY

Nice project on my old 2006 Jetta to get rid of some rust spots. Paint was a perfect match and looks pretty good for coming from a spray can. Awesome products for the price would highly recommend.

Karen L, owner of a 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle Conv from Melbourne Beach, FL

Perfect color match for my model car, a New VW Beetle Convertible. I did it myself. I called our local VW service dept., and they were to call me back and did not. Two days later, I called VW again, and said I didn't appreciate them not getting back. All I wanted to know is, if they carried touch up paint in a spray can. They apologized and said someone will definitely call you back today. No one ever called me back, even to this day. Forget the service centers at the car dealerships, just get your paint from Automotive Touchup. They mailed it immediately, and it is a perfect matching color. Thank You!!!! Karen Lucas Melbourne Beach, Florida

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