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Restore Your Toyota Finish In Two Steps

Select Your Toyota's Color (Step One)

AutomotiveTouchup paint products are custom mixed to perfectly match the color of your 2011 Toyota Camry using a basecoat/clearcoat system just like factory specs. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code so you can find it on the chart below. The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. The code will have a C/TR in front of it. A typical code will look like C/TR: 1D4/FH13, and 1D4 would be the color code in this example. Click here for Toyota paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Chip Color Codes Color Description
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Super White II 040, 40 040, 40 Super White II
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Classic Silver Metallic 1F7 1F7 Classic Silver Metallic
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Magnetic Gray Metallic 1G3 1G3 Magnetic Gray Metallic
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Black 202 202 Black
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Barcelona Red Mica 3R3 3R3 Barcelona Red Mica
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Sandy Beach Metallic 4T8 4T8 Sandy Beach Metallic
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Spruce Mica 6V4 6V4 Spruce Mica
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Aloe Green Metallic 776 776 Aloe Green Metallic
2011 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Blue Ribbon Metallic 8T5 8T5 Blue Ribbon Metallic


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Why The Two-Step Paint System?

Your 2011 Toyota Camry is painted at the factory with a high quality basecoat/clearcoat system. This two-step paint system consists of step one, the basecoat, which is your car’s actual color, and step two, the clearcoat, the specially formulated clear paint that protects the base color and provides the luster and deep shine your vehicle came with when new. AutomotiveTouchup products faithfully reproduce your vehicle manufacturer’s basecoat/clearcoat system.

Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Joan M, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Jacksonville, FL

Great product couldn’t find it anywhere else, delivered on time good price.

Tennessee Grandma, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Knoxville, TN

Paint was a great color match. Very pleased with the results. Got it for grandson’s replacement side view mirror. Excellent source for matching paint color.

Max G, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Nashville, TN

Great service. A perfect match. I cannot believe the service for such a small order.

Delighted Customer, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry

I was able to get the exact matching color for my vehicle along with a bottle of clear coat. I filled in all the chips and used clear coat to fill in the deeper scratches. The clear coat goes on thicker using the included brush so I found that method worked best for my application. If I ever need to do this kind of work again, I would not hesitate to order from this company again.

Chuck V, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Buckley, WA

I found the touch up paint easy to use and covered the damaged paint areas well with minimal prep. Good product!

Archie M, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Federal Heights, CO

I have used your products before and have always been impressed with your ability to exactly match the color of my vehicle. My current order was received well packaged and in perfect condition. I have not applied paint yet I am sure it will meet your usual high standards Thanks, glad you are around.

Dr Rod, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Clovis, CA

My Camry had two 18 inch dents compliments of my wife. I bondoed the dents twice. Put spot putty on three times, primered the area, did a final sanding w 320 wet dry and wiped it down with a tack Cloth. I then put down three light color coats. Color was an exact match. For a spray can the paint went down very smooth, not like most spray cans. After clear coating twice I'm leaving the paint harden prior to A final buff out.

Marie C, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Vero Beach, FL

Your product is excellent. It'sthe only one that matches the color exactly. I loves it very much. THANK YOU.

Carlos B, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Port Charlotte, FL

Worked great! Color match was perfect, second time I've used Automotive Touchup. Highly recommended.

Brent D, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Sherwood, OR

Excellent product, arrived as scheduled. Will be ordering again, thanks!

Elated Customer, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry

Just wanted to thank everyone there for the quality products you sell. I just currently ordered some paint products for a small bumper and fender repair and was astonished as to how well the paint matched. I recently had a similar repair job to do and went to a local company that is supposed to be masters of automotive paints. They weren't even close. So thank you and hope to make us both some money in the future.

Leo B, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Springfield, VA

Works O.K. Many very, very thin coats with at least 20 minutes between coats. And, shake the bottle a lot before each application. Also, wait at least 40 minutes between the final base coat and clear coat. Be patient. Bottom line: Lots of drying time between coats. The result being you'll be able to see your applications blend into the original paint color.

Thomas D, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Warwick, RI

This is my second order from Automotive Touchup. Better than going to the dealer. Very satisfied.

Giustino C, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Shelbyville, KY

This has been the best find in auto touch up I have come across. Great product for a good price. I have been able to look through all the items I ordered and am very pleased. I was able to get more for less at any other comparable website or store. It looks to be an exact match. Although I still have the largest rock chip and ding to repair I will wait till warmer and better weather. Thank you Automotive Touchup!!

Bonita R, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Palmetto, FL

Glad we found your product! Touched up a couple scratches and can't tell where they were! Blends well, doesn't leave discolored spots! and easy to do!! Thanks!!

Robert D, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Payson, AZ

Great product. Perfect match for our Eos and Toyota. Now if we could stop dinging the cars it would be even better. Paint went on smoothly and better match than any store bought brand. We have tried many.

George M, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Stockton, CA

A fine product with great color match and nice flow. The results are better than expected.

Glenda K, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Saint Marys, OH

I just paid off my car when the scratch happen. I looked in stores but could not find anything. I went a search and found your page. I order the pain and clear coat. It matches perfectly. Thanks for being there. I will tell others about it.

Joe Anderson, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from League City, TX

Very happy. All colors were exact. Customer service was great. They took time to call me on shipping. No complaints. I will Be back. Thanks feel free to call me.

Roberta, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from LA

I received my last order quickly and the Clear Coat spray was perfect. I had gotten the Automotive Paint first and that worked fine (perfect match for my Toyota Camry), but the Clear Coat spray was also needed to make it look the same as the rest of the car. My husband did the body work and I was 100% pleased with the results. You can't even tell that the car was backed into a trailer now.

Nancy E, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Lufkin, TX

I purchases a paint pen and clear coat pen from your company and I am so glad I did. The color matched my 2011 Camry perfectly . Someone had hit the right rear side panel near the tail light which caused scrapes and scratches. The paint pen covered the scrapes and scratches. My Toyota is like new. Thank you.

Angelique K, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Las Vegas, NV

The color matched my car perfectly: Spruce Mica. The paint dries very fast and has great coverage with just one thin coat, at least over the white marks that have occurred from various avenues. I think I'll be ordering a clear coat so that it fully blends with the shininess of the body paint, but in the meantime the color itself is a perfect match. So easy to use! Great price as well (:

Archie McDowall, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Denver

Great and timely delivery, excellent match. Although it did not make the scratch caused by a sharp corner of a padlock disappear, It had hidden it very well.

Donald F, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Murrysville, PA

I used your paint on my 2011 Toyota. The match was great and it blends well. I really was surprised. I lacked experience as a painter but you would have a hard time telling.

Terry S, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Burke, VA

Excellent service resulting in a quick delivery of my order. The paint is a perfect match, and very easy to apply, reminding me of my days building and painting model cars. One of the reviews I read before purchase mentioned that using the product is like applying nail polish, and I agree. Totally satisfied with the results.

Glen S, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Endicott, NY

Excellent color match, easy to use and cannot tell it has been touched up.

Richard H, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Roslindale, MA

Doing business here for years. This company is the best. Always there for the customer's satisfaction.

Bruce C, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Calhoun Falls, SC

Automotive touch up I had a really good experience with their touch up paint, did a damaged rear quarter panel on the 2011 camry came out so good I sprayed the front bumper on my 2002 Dakota. Now coworkers want me to do their cars, I can also say there customer support Mona is fantastic, I think they should give her a pay raise. Thanks auto touch up great products don't waste your money on cheap spray paint get the best its well worth it, and this is the place to get it.

Kenneth R C, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Birmingham, AL

I used your products a couple of years ago to repair some rocker panel damage to my Camry. The instructions and the products on you site were excellent and allowed me to do as close to a professional job as possible on that damage that still looks great today. Considering that good experience, I ordered some touch-up paint in pens to cover some rock chip damage on the same car. They also were exceptional. I would recommend your products and your website to anyone needing auto paints for any reason. I appreciate you.

Richard B, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Salinas, CA

The service was great. Fast shipping. The paint matched perfect. Thank you

Raymond E, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Linden, NJ

Color was a good match thanks worked really well.

Curtis A, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Burleson, TX

You have an excellent product, I am very pleased, thank you. Curtis ln Burleson, Texas

Jack M, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Miami, FL

Living in South Florida, I had to wait for the rain to stop before I could use your product. The paint matched and you would think I painted cars for a living as you can't see the repair. Great products any amature can get great results.

Elizabeth K, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Jersey City, NJ

I recently purchased a pre-owned Camry in great shape with a few scrap spots on it. I ordered the exact color from your company and applied it like nail polish easily to the spots. You would never notice them now. Thanks so much.

Bruce C, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Calhoun Falls, SC

Very impressed with the quality of the product, excellent customer service. In the time of watching where my money is spent, automotivetouchup saved me a lot of money on a parking lot dent in a rear quarter panel ,that I repaired on weekends, they got me ahead 2 payments on the Toyota. Thanks again

Marie C, owner of a 2011 Toyota Camry from Vero Beach, FL

Your product just as you advertised. I didn't do it as a pro but it looks really good. I highly recommend to my friends.

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