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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Hugh G, owner of a 1996 Toyota Corolla from Philadelphia, PA

This stuff if great! The color exactly matched the color of my car and was easy to spray on... I've already told several people about it...

Gabe K, owner of a 1996 Toyota Tacoma from Centennial, CO

My truck fell victim to a few bad rusty spots that is typical for an older Toyota. Ordering matching paint was very straightforward, and the website is easy to use. My paint arrived within the advertised amount of time. The color match is great, and looks much better than the brown primer that I had on it for a few weeks prior. I opted not to purchase the clear coat, because it's a 20 year old truck. My main goal was to slow down the rust, and have it look decent from 20 feet away. Goal achieved. If anyone asks me where to get factory matching paint, I will definitely refer them to Automotive Touchup!

Louis K, owner of a 1996 Toyota T100 from Garland, TX

Very good ! I was pleased with speed of delivery. I expected a much longer time. I was not finished with the body repair before the paint arrived. My old (20 year) Toyota pick-up has uneven paint fade as it has been outside it's entire life. While on one side the Touchup paint matched almost exactly ,(and very acceptable), The other side was faded to the point that after applying the Touchup paint. I flashed a very light spray of silver paint to match the fade, before shooting the clear coat. That worked as close as I think possible and again very acceptable. This Automotive TouchUp paint did the job!!!

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