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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

David A, owner of a 1994 Toyota Corolla from Graton, CA

I think the product is great, color match was exact, much more coverage per can than I was expecting, spray was very even, dried quickly. Everywhere I used the paint it looks like a color sanded and rubbing compound polish paint job. I painted a fender, rear hatch and the roof of the car. Thanks for such a great paint.

Gary V, owner of a 1994 Toyota Corolla from Gaston, OR

Everything worked as it was designed and am pleased with the outcome.

Joel, owner of a 1994 Toyota Truck from Buffalo, NY

I had peeling clearcoat and a few rust spots on my 94 Toyota Pickup. Bought 2 cans of base and 2 cans of clear, the color (pearl evergreen) is close enough that with blending the color difference is almost impossible to see. I would note to DIY-ers like myself: after sanding and prepping I ended up with a larger area to paint than I had originally planned (I ended up doing the top third of one fender panel plus most of the single cab roof) and I would have been a lot better off with an additional can of both base and clearcoat. My results are acceptable, but definitely thin on close inspection. It would have been better to have a little too much than not quite enough.

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