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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Patrick B, owner of a 1976 Porsche from Wickenburg, AZ

You guys are pretty responsive to my paint needs. The goods always arrive quickly and if there is an issue (twice) you fix it. I've found the match to be pretty good with the Dupont (still a tad too red but not bad) supplier but whoever else you use on this color is way off and it is no longer even bronze/copper but a reddish metallic. Still, it works for slight touch ups.

Gordon N, owner of a 1976 Porsche 912 from Auburn, PA

Excellent color matches, easy to use, affordable automotive paint. Fast shipping. I've ordered twice for my classic cars.

Eric L, owner of a 1976 Porsche from Sandy Hook, CT

Painted my 1963 Chevy with a Porsche red 30 years ago.........I was running out of the original paint that I still had in a can. I remembered the name of the color and ordered a spray can from Automotve Touchup. The paint is an exact match (even 30 years later). Now if I need to touch up the body work I have the paint to do it. Thanks! Eric from CT

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