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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Chuck Freese, owner of a 1987 Pontiac from West Grove, PA

The product arrived and provided excellent touch-up to my 1987 Pontiac. It appears to be a perfect match, and the high quality spray nozzle did a great job applying the paint right where it was needed. I can see more of the AutomotiveTouchup products in my future!

Beast87, owner of a 1987 Pontiac from North Oxford, MA

Both colors matched extremely well considering the car and original paint were nearly 30 years old.

Brian E, owner of a 1987 Pontiac from Woodruff, SC

I finally sprayed the test card and from what I can tell it matches very very close to the color that was sprayed some 17 years ago. I will eventually spray the door jambs, what I originally bought the blue and silver for. Very please with the product. Brian Ellis

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