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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Jeffrey F, owner of a 1968 Plymouth from Annapolis MD

I have been very pleased with all the products and will be buying more.

Stephen C, owner of a 1968 Plymouth from Bumpass, VA

My paint on my car is a year old and this touch up matched perfectly, I added a hood scoop and couldn't ask for any better.

Bart, owner of a 1968 Plymouth from CA

The LL1 Surf Turquoise Metallic 1968 Plymouth L was pretty much perfect color match, to areas that were never really exposed to the sun weather. The real true LL1 org. color from the factory. 3 heavy coats were needed because it is a Poly/Metallic so it didn't look splotchy, I got it down pretty quick. I love you can recoat almost immediately too, 10 min.'s or within a 1/2 an hr, as long as no wet spots I painted over black primer, it pops pretty nice... IMO the clear was great quality too. I needed to slow down a bit for better coverage, with it so I didn't get a dry coat or so much over spray, just needed to get use to it. Eventually I applied 1 dry coat {my fault too fast} & 2 wet coats it looks really good in most spots. IMO a little cut & buff & it'll be great. I needed a bit more Skip {?} the 1st time & Lisa I contacted the 2nd time in customer service were both great to deal with, professional & helpful. I'd & I actually have recommended this company & the great product to others already.

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