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Make Note: Click here for Nissan paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
833 Taxi Green
997 Flint Gray Metallic
999 Trans Blue
A08-U1 Red
A15 Red Brown Metallic/Sonoma Sunset Metallic
A20 Code Red/Scarlet Red
A32 Emotion Red Pearl
A33 Crimson Roulette Metallic/Red Pearl
A41 Nogaro Red
A52 Fired Iron Red Pearl
A54 Vibrant Red
A55 Orange Alloy Metallic/Orange Metallic
AX5 Dark Red Metallic/Merlot Pearl
AX6 Hibiscus Red
AY2 Garnet Fire Metallic
AY4 Luminous Red Metallic/Scarlet Red Metallic
B03-T2 Light Blue
B08-U1 Blue
B14 Sapphire Blue Metallic
B17 Metallic Blue Line
B2, ET2 Sandstone Metallic
B20 Bluish Black Metallic
B21 Medium Blue Metallic
B23 Blue Dusk Metallic
B24 Morpho Blue Metallic
B30 Lakeshore Blue Metallic/Lakeshore Slate Metallic
B46 Blue Metallic
B53 Indigo Blue Metallic
B54 Azure Blue Metallic
BKAB, KAB Super Silver Metallic
BW5 Twilight Blue Metallic/Twilight Blue Pearl
BW6 Dark Blue Pearl
BW9 Dark Blue Metallic/Dark Blue Pearl/Majestic Blue Metallic
BY5 Blue
C01-M1 Brown
C32 Bronze Metallic
C43 Greige Metallic/Pebble Beach Metallic
CAB Tinted Bronze Metallic
CAC Brown Metallic
CAD Light Brown Metallic
D32, Z37 Corn Yellow
D51 Officer Green Metallic/Timberline Metallic
D90, Z38 Moss Green
DAC Light Bluish Green Metallic
DAD Grayish Green Gold Metallic/Grayish Grn Gold Metallic/Mystic Jade Metallic
EAC Yellow
EEC Black Metallic
EV0 Beige Metallic
EW3 Solar Yellow
EY0 Light Gold Metallic
FAA Grayish Green Metallic
FAC Greenish Blue Metallic
FAD Blue Green Metallic
G10 Galaxy Black Metallic/Galaxy Metallic
G41 Black Metallic
HAA Beige Metallic
HAB Glazed Almond Metallic/Toasted Almond Metallic
HAD Satin Fume Metallic
JAC Moss Green Metallic/Yellowish Green Metallic
K11 Smoke Metallic
K12 Radiant Silver Metallic/Silver Coolness Metallic/Silver Mist Metallic
K21 Gray Metallic/Steel Gray Metallic/Twilight Gray Metallic
K23 Liquid Platinum Metallic
K26 Hippo Gray Metallic
K27 Structural Gray Metallic
K32 Yellowish Silver Metallic
K36 Ash Metallic
K37 Tent Metallic
K48 Greenish Silver Metallic
K50 Dark Slate Metallic
K51 Gray Metallic/Platinum Graphite Metallic
K52 Dark Gray Metallic
K55 Brownish Gray Metallic/Iridium Graphite Metallic
KAC Desert Shadow Metallic/Titanium Metallic
KAD Gray Metallic/Gun Metallic
KAE Dark Gray Metallic
KAF Flint Gray Metallic
KAG Reddish Silver Metallic
KAH Saharan Stone Metallic
KAK Bluish Gray Metallic
KAN Black Metallic
KAP Bluish Gray Metallic
KAR Iron Gray Metallic
KH3 Black Obsidian/Super Black
KL0 Platinum Silver Metallic
KY0 Chrome Silver Metallic/Diamond Silver Metallic
L50 Bitter Chocolate Pearl/Brownish Purple Metallic/Dark Currant Metallic
LAA Dark Violet Metallic
LAB Purple Metallic
LAC Purple Metallic
NAC Carmine Red Metallic
NAD Sonoma Sunset Metallic/Tuscan Sun Metallic
NAF Black Pepper Metallic
NAG Black Cherry Pearl
Q08 White
Q10 Nordic White
Q11 Nordic White Pearl
Q33 White Pearl
Q50 Light Pearl Metallic/White Frost Pearl
QAA Moonlight White Pearl
QAB White Pearl
QM1 Cloud White
QX1 Glacier Pearl/Ivory Pearl/White Pearl
QX3 Satin White Pearl
RAA Deep Sapphire Metallic
RAB Deep Blue Metallic
RAE Blue Metallic/Monterey Blue Pearl
RAF Arctic Blue Metallic/Light Blue/Metallic Ice
RAH Blue Metallic/Caribbean Blue Metallic
RAK Electric Blue Metallic
RAQ Dark Blue Metallic
W40 Precision Gray Metallic
WV2 Diamond Graphite Metallic/Sparkling Silver Metallic
Z11 Black Metallic
Z24 Cherry Red Metallic
Z9T Bright Red II
ZHJ Arctic White Pearl/Artic White Pearl
ZY4 Azure Gray Pearl

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Keith, owner of a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder from West Simsbury, CT

Perfect match!

Mariah, owner of a 2009 Nissan Maxima from Brooklyn, NY 11204

I was very impressed with the touchup paint you can't even notice that the few scratches that were touched up on my nissan maxima even happened even if you go up close to were the scratches where the paint blended in really good. I would recommend your paint products to others. I was very happy with the outcome.

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