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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Dean H, owner of a 2009 Kia Optima from Clackamas, OR

Having a new teen driver who seems to bump into everything in front of him, Automotive touch up is the affordable solution for being able to do the small touch ups needed to keep our car looking great.

Fermin O, owner of a 2009 Kia from Miami, FL

The product was fantastic, great match, I WILL RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE and was delivered within a week, I used it in to different cars with different colors and both matches were great, thank you.

HoeneSpringsMike, owner of a 2009 Kia Sportage from Eureka, MO

We were getting ready to trade in our Sportage on a new Buick Encore when our son put a huge dent in the driver-side rear bumper. The bumper had several other 'dings' on the other side and we knew we would get virtually nothing in trade for the vehicle in its then-current state. I have no experience with auto painting but thought we'd take a chance on a spray gun, prep wipes, aerosol spray and a quart of clear-coat to finish with our compressor and new spray gun. We used a hot-air gun to work the dent out and finished the repair to the entire bumper in an afternoon. The color match was immediate and perfect in appearance. The Sportage looked 1000% better and we got a very good trade value for our new Buick thanks to AutomotiveTouchUp!

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