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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Jackie B, owner of a 2005 Jaguar from Huntington Beach, CA

I PERFECT match! Extremely satisfied! Will refer to anyone that needs paint!!! Thank you!

Garfield C S, owner of a 2005 Jaguar S Type from Youngstown, FL

This is my third time to use your product and the fact I have returned these three times is testament for your paints. All paints have been used (although very little) on my Jaguar cars, they have been perfect matches each time.... Thanks for a great product.

John R, owner of a 2005 Jaguar S Type from Fort Myers, FL

I had purchased spray paint for repairs to my 2008 Kia Rondo and was very satisfied with the results. When I needed some minor touch up on my 2005 Jaguar I purchased paint in the "pen" form. I am not un-handy, but this product is impossible to use. It shows very visible "brush" marks , no matter how it was applied. Depending on the direction of application, the color was too light or dark. After wasting 2 months of trying, and contacting you and getting replacement color, I gave up and ordered a spray product. Finally, I have a repair that looks good. Your pen product does not work.

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