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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Janice C, owner of a 2012 Honda Fit from IL

My new used car (2012 Honda Fit) had a number of small spots on the hood - looks like gravel hit it - and then got a small scrape on the side in a parking lot my first week with it. How wonderful to find such a good color match and all that was needed (primer for the scrape, base coat and clear coat, pens for tiny spots, small brush for larger mars). Thank you!

Eugene D, owner of a 2012 Honda from Los Angeles

Automotive Touchup mixed the perfect paint for my car. I cannot tell where the damage was. Simply perfect. Thank you.

Tess B, owner of a 2012 Honda Accord from Grand Rapids, MI

Needed to fix a bad scratch on my side door to prevent rust but didn't want to pay a fortune for a professional to fix a mainly cosmetic issue. My dad suggested this site as he is a huge car guy and has used them multiple times for his own "boo boo's". Bought the smallest size which was more than enough to cover the multiple long scratches on my car. It covered them nicely and I am pleased with the end result. It doesn't look perfect but I'm fine with that because I only spent $17 and an hour fixing it myself. Would recommend!

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