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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Jacques L, owner of a 2008 Honda Civic from Diamondhead, MS

I just needed to paint the driver and passenger side mirrors. The factory paint was peeling right off while the rest of the car is fine. You guys mixed the match on the Honda. Like any other paint job, I painted the whole part and it looks like the factory. I used a heat gun and shot 3 primer, 3 paints, 3 clears in a few hours and ta dah. Problem solved. Thanks!

Brad F, owner of a 2008 Honda Element from York, PA

Just used it today on wife's Kiwi green Element. Best touch up paint I ever used. Not only was it a perfect match, but it was the perfect consistency...thin enough not to glob & opaque enough to cover. When I was done, I touched up all the spots from another brand that did not match! Highly recommended!

Kyla K, owner of a 2008 Honda CR-V from Warsaw, OH

I was very impressed with these products! I got primer, paint, and clear coat. I got thos to fix the stone chips on my new to me, but still in excellent condition car. I loved the brushes on these and the paint itself was the best for "touch up paint" I have ever used. Many I find the paint is goopy and thick, and this was not.. went on like a dream and I believe the brush helped as well. I still notice where the chips were but I think that is just me knowing where they are and looking and I don't consider it a difference in the appearance of the original paint but I think it's just the paint itself, you can tell where the touch up is. But overall, this is a great product!!

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