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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Ron L, owner of a 2007 Honda S2000 from Brookfield, WI

The paint is a bit darker than what's on the car, but since it's been repainted, I can't hold you responsible. It's much better than the light gray specks there previously. I did find the tiny applicators perfect for touching up the tiny little stone chips. I would definitely recommend you and your products.

Antonio G, owner of a 2007 Honda Fit from Elizabeth, NJ

The color was a perfect match and the small applicators worked like a charm. The brush supplied with the bottle of touch up paint was very easy to use and applied the paint very well.

Beth V, owner of a 2007 Honda Pilot from Sammamish, WA

Wow! I was hesitant about buying this product online but I had a pretty nice scratch on my bumper and I figured I could test it on a small spot and if it didn't look good go to the Honda dealer. They did an awesome job! I sprayed the test card first and compared it to the car before using it and it was a perfect match. I just touched up the scrape on the bumper and a few other spots. Highly recommend this!!! You won't be sorry!

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