Choose your Automotive paint color for your 2003 Honda Civic.

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Select the color for your 2003 Honda Civic below by clicking on any item in the corresponding row. After the color is selected, just click the "choose your color" button to see the products we offer with that color!

Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for Honda paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
B520P Vivid Blue Pearl
B92P, B92P-4 Nighthawk Black Pearl
B96P, DG758 Eternal Blue Pearl
BG51M Opal Silver Blue Metallic
G511M Galapagos Green Metallic
NH0 Championship White
NH578 Taffeta White
NH623M Satin Silver Metallic
R502 Vesuvio Red
R507P New Firepepper Pearl
R510 New Formula Red
R513, R513-4 Rallye Red
R518P Radiant Ruby Pearl
R81 Milano Red
Y56 Sunlight Yellow
Y63 Orchid Yellow
YR525M Titanium Metallic
YR528M Shoreline Mist Metallic

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Joshua S, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from IL

Convenient and simple: Automotive Touchup was a great experience and while I hope that I don't have another accident where I may need to paint my car, I am glad I know exactly where I would head! My Civic has a very unique green color that was impossible to find at any auto store. I was able to find it immediately through Automotive Touchup and order it with ease. The best part is how nicely it matches on my car; it's hard to tell there was any paint damage before! I'm very happy with the whole experience. Thanks!

Carlos R, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from Melbourne, FL

I was a little concerned when I decided to but my own 2 door handles for my son's 2003 Red honda Civic which the handles come in black ready to paint. I looked up the correct color of red per the VIN and info on the inside of the door. I bought the red paint and clear coat from Automotive touch up and did the job myself. It looks like a professional did them!!! The color matches perfectly.Then I had to do the hard work which was to replace the handles...the driver's side door with the lock was the hardest. I'm so very happy I found your company on-line. I'm going to buy some paint and clear coat for my wife's Honda Odyssey and fix a few bad spots and early rust items before they get too bad. Your paint is so easy to use with it coming in a spray can!!!! I full endorse the company and the product and will buy again soon!!

Ricardo, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from NC

Quick service, and spot on the color, the reliability is great.

Pam M, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from New City, NY

Touch up paint was easy to apply, went on smooth and it looks great.

John Phelan, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from College Grove, TN

This paint was just like factory. It goes on smooth and matches perfectly. I painted the fascia and bumper with no issues.Great company. If in need they will be the first on my list. Thanks guys!

Lewis K, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from Canton, MA

Awesome pricing and service.

Paul L, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from Campbell, CA

I've never done a repair project like this. There was a 2 inch hole punched into my front bumper. By the time I was done, you couldn't tell it had ever been there. The paint was amazingly easy to use. It dried fast for quick results. It matched the original color perfectly. I would definitely use this product again!

Doug I, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from Los Angeles, CA

I was very happy to find Automotive Touchup. The color for the Honda Civic I am working on was not available from some other sources. The color matched perfectly and the clear coat blended in very well. I may try some more repair on this car because it does have other areas of paint failure, I guess from the sun and neglect. Ordering was straight forward and easy to navigate the site. I appreciate the service and product! Doug from CA

Jacob D, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from Ottawa, ON

My wife backed-up into my car and destroyed the bumper. The body shop asked for $500 to cover the cost of an OEM bumper, paint job, and installation: I decided to do it myself. I got an OEM bumper for $100 and paint from this site using my color code (came to $85 for 3 cans and shipping cost to Canada). The color was an exact match: my wife and friends cannot tell the difference! Thanks to this site and youtube, I spent just $250!

Terry P, owner of a 2003 Honda Civic from Dalton, NY

First let tell you that I went to Walmart and bought some paint to cover some rust spots on my car. Well, the color looked so bad I thought I had ruined my car. So I found you online and ordered by year make and model of my car. The match is perfect! It even covered up the ugly blue mess I made with the Walmart brand. Thank you for an amazing product!

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