Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1999 Honda All Models.

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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for Honda paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
001, 826 Ebony Black
715 Huntsman Green Mica
731, R409 Claret Red Mica
752, W101 Cream White
806, R902 Palazzo Red Metallic
835, N818 Bright Silver Metallic
B69P Nocturne Blue Pearl
B84P, B84P-1 Super Marine Blue Pearl/Supermarine Blue Pearl
B89P, B89P-4 Deep Velvet Blue Pearl
B91M Crystal Blue Metallic/New Crystal Blue Metallic
B92P, B92P-1, B92P-4 Nighthawk Black Pearl
B94 Midnight Blue
B95P Electron Blue Pearl
B96P, B96P-2, B96P-4, DG758 Eternal Blue Pearl
B99P Atlantic Blue Pearl
BG41P, BG41P-4 Iced Teal Pearl
BG47P Tropic Jade Pearl
G500M Spray Green Metallic
G501M Fern Metallic/Granite Green Metallic
G72M British Green Metal/British Green Metallic
G86P Baikal Green Pearl
G87P, G87P-3, G87P-4 Dark Emerald Pearl
G88P, G88P-6 Emerald Mist Pearl
G89P, G89P-6 Sequoia Green Pearl
G91M Laguna Metallic
G95P, G95P-4 Clover Green Pearl
G97P Vermont Green Pearl
G98P Ficus Green Pearl
G99P Cascade Green Pearl
GY20M Chartreuse Metallic
GY21M Leaf Green Metallic
NH0 Championship White
NH505 Formal Black
NH519 White Diamond
NH552M Sebring Silver Metallic
NH578 Taffeta White
NH578-4 Taffeta White
NH583M, NH583M-2 Vogue Silver Metallic
NH585P Cayman White Pearl
NH592P, NH592P-2, NH592P-4 Flamenco Black Pearl
NH605P Pirates Black Pearl
NH613M, NH613M-6 Mineral Gray Metallic
NH614M Titan Silver Metallic
NH615M, NH615M-4 Canyon Stone Metallic
NH623M, NH623M-4 Satin Silver Metallic
NH624P Premium White Pearl
NH626M Splash Silver Metallic
NH627M Combat Gray Metallic
NH629M Quantum Gray Metallic
NH95M Blade Silver Metallic
PB73P Midnight Purple Pearl
PB74P, PB74P-4 Dark Amethyst Pearl
R500P Sicilian Red Pearl
R502 Vesuvio Red
R504P New Vivid Red Pearl
R505P Burning Red Pearl
R507P Firepepper Pearl/New Firepepper Pearl
R509M Oriental Red Metallic
R510 New Formula Red
R512P Merlot Red Pearl
R81, R81-5 Milano Red
R94, R94-3 San Marino Red
R96P, R96P-4, R96P-5 Inza Red Pearl
R97, R97-4 Roma Red
RP25P, RP25P-3, RP525P Black Currant Pearl
RP29P, RP29P-3 Raisin Pearl
RP30P Urbanight Gray Pearl
Y56 Sunlight Yellow
Y57M Sunburst Yellow Metallic
Y58, Y59 Luminous Yellow
Y59M Sparkle Yellow Metallic
YR508M, YR508M-3 Heather Mist Metallic
YR512P Dakota Bronze Pearl
YR516M, YR516M-6 Moonlight Beige Metallic
YR517P, YR517P-6 Nutwood Brown Pearl
YR520M, YR520M-4 Mesa Beige Metallic
YR523M Champagne Beige Metallic
YR524M Naples Gold Metallic
YR525M New Titanium Metallic
YR526M Grace Silver Metallic
YR532M Fresh Copper Metallic

Did you choose the wrong model? How about the 1999 Honda Accord, Accord Coupe, Civic, Civic Coupe, CR-V, Insight, Odyssey, Passport, Prelude, or S2000?  Or, just go to our page dedicated to Honda Touch Up Paint

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Pat, owner of a 1999 Honda from Boston Ma

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the color ... the clear coat..& . the ease of application.... this is a deep pearl paint with a metal flake appearance...I'm not one to leave feedback but this came out so good... I am more than pleasantly surprised..... Thank you

Rhoda M, owner of a 1998 Honda Accord from Berea, KY

I am thrilled with the color match and your clear coat is phenomenal! It's very hard to detect where your paint and the factory meet.

Eric B, owner of a 1998 Honda Civic from Mine Hill, NJ

Thanks for the perfect matching paint! The front bumper of my Black 1998 Honda Civic DX had many chips from stones that left white spots from the primer. Did a little sanding & followed your painting instructions. The car looks much better...very happy with the results! PS - Couldn't get matching paint from any auto parts stores or even the dealer...glad you are there!

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