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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Michael Newbold, owner of a 2014 Ford Focus from Berlin, Wisconsin

I've ordered Automotive Touchup paint for a past vehicle. So, I didn't hesitate to order touchup for my new car.

Donald B, owner of a 2014 Ford Edge from Tucson, AZ

Perfect match and very easy to use.

Conrad J, owner of a 2014 Ford Explorer from Council Bluffs, IA

Had a few rather large (dime sized) chips on the rear plastic trim behind the rear tire. These were down to the plastic so ordered both the prime coat and matching color as well as the clear coat. I took my time and built up the coats to eventually become even with the factory paint. I used a really fine wet/dry sanding paper as well as a fine rubbing compound to smooth it out with each coat. The end result is a perfect feel and color match. This stuff works. Just take your time.

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