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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
019, JAYAWWA, JAYC, JAYCWWA, PB, UE, XSC2851 Panther Black Metallic
84S53, 91S53, BY, M6284A School Bus Yellow
AB Green Beige
CI, M7210A Grabber Blue
CX, M7039A Dark Shadow Gray Metallic
D3, M7042A Colorado Red
DI, M7187A Dark Ink Blue Metallic
DX, M7083A Dark Blue Pearl
E4, M6470A Vermilion Red
F1, M6886A Vermilion
G2, M7089A Redfire Metallic
G3, M7113A Pueblo Gold Metallic
G9, M7147A Vista Blue Metallic
GG, M7175A Forest Green Metallic
GQ, M7206A Amber Gold Metallic
HG, M7148A Smokestone Metallic
HP, M7139A Hi Performance White
HT, M7186A Cinnamon Metallic
JL, M6771A Dark Toreador Metallic
JP, M7052A Silver Birch Metallic
JV, M7197A Sangria Red Metallic
KR, M7111A Norsea Blue Metallic
L6, M7188A Kona Blue Metallic
LS, M7054A Light Ice Blue Metallic
M6373A, UA Ebony
M6442A, YG Medium Titanium Met./Medium Titanium Metallic
M6466A, YZ Oxford White
M6505A, YN Silver Metallic
M6640A, WT Performance White
M6877A, UD Ebony
M6887A, Z1 Oxford White
M7133A, T5 Dark Copper Metallic
M7173A, T9 Monterey Metallic
M7174A, NZ Kiwi Green Metallic
M7193A, WS White Suede
M7204A, UG White Platinum Pearl
M7205A, UJ Sterling Gray Metallic
M7207A, UK Royal Red Metallic
M7208A, UI Brilliant Silver Metallic
M7209A, U1 Sport Blue Metallic
M7211A, UH Tuxedo Black Metallic
M7212A, UL Atlantis Green Metallic
M7213A, P7 Performance Pink Metallic
M7219A, U6 Red Candy Tint Metallic
M7220A, SZ Blue Flame Metallic
M7223A, UR Natural Neutral Metallic
M7224A, UQ Wine Red Metallic
M7225A, UP Gold Leaf Metallic
M7226A, UX Ingot Silver Metallic
M7227A, UN Steel Blue Metallic
M7228A, UY Molten Orange Tricoat Metallic
M7229A, UZ Lava Red Metallic
PA Gold Yellow
W4675D, WT4675, X0775D Coca Cola Red
Z2 Blanco Nieve

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William W, owner of a 2011 Ford Mustang from Hemingway, SC

I regret that a this time I don't have the capability to send you pictures of my car. My wife and I own a 2011 C1 Grabber Blue Mustang and it is our project car. We enjoy working on it together and we get comments on it everywhere we go. We could not afford the $300.00 the after market dealers wanted for the rear quarter panel windows so we decided to paint the windows themselves. I sanded the glass with 2000 grit sandpaper, then applied your adhesive primer, then 2 coats of paint color, and 3 coats of clear coat. We did all of this in about 2 to 3 hrs. Then allowing a 24 hr. drying time, the next day we waxed and buffed the windows to match the finish and shine of the rest of the car. The match is unbelievably perfect and looks "factory." I made 1/4 inch panels from pressed board and wrapped them in a simulated leather material and attached them to the inner side of the windows to hide the painted window and the inside has the look of having been done at the factory as well. You guys made it possible, by backing up your advertisement with the product you promised. Thank you so much. OH, and just so you know, "Automotive Touchup" is my source for anything concerning painting on our car. Sincerely, willi-wall

Terry W, owner of a 2011 Ford F350 from Fairfield, PA

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