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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0632, XSC0632 Black
2361, KRYE, XSC2361 Smokestone Mica
2409, XSC2409 Ebony Black Mica
2608, XSC2608 Amparo Blue Metallic
2681, XSC2681 Cayman Blue Mica
2698, XSC2698 Nouveau Red Mica
2713, KZZA, KZZAXXA, XSC2713 Enzian Blau/Ontario Blue
2727, XSC2727 Garnet Red
2737, XSC2737 Mint Green Metallic
2743, XSC2743, YZ8C, YZ8CWWA Ash Black Metallic
2747, GAAN, XSC2747 Dark Aubergine Mica
2755, XSC2755 Nantucket Gray Metallic
2772, XSC2772 State Blue Mica
2785, XSC2785 Candy White
2787, XSC2787, YTKC Satin Silver Metallic
2790, XSC2790 Juice Green Pearl
2811, XSC2811 Bright Blue
2813, XSC2813 Belladonna
2858, MRSE, XSC2858 Cuirass Mica
2870, KEVC, XSC2870 Melina Blue Mica
33631, M5920A, YO Oxford White
6456 Jewel Green Metallic
6750 Cypress Gold Frost Mica
6819, AZ, CWHA Aztec Gold Metallic
6820 Deep Navy Blue Metallic
6853, TP Md Gray Metallic
6855, KW Charcoal Blue Metallic
6856, 6881, KX, KZ Graphite Blue Pearl
6924, BR Sunburst Gold Metallic
6936, BS, BT Chocolate Brown Metallic
B2, M6926A Harvest Gold Metallic
B4, M6938A Chestnut Brown Metallic
BA, M6818A Light Prairie Tan Metallic
BG, M6811A Bright Amber Metallic
BJ, M6866A, XA1 Ash Gold Metallic
BKP, KDAD, KDBA, XSC1146 Genetian Blue/Gentian Blue
BM, M6882A Light Prairie Tan Metallic
BN, M6897A Bright Amber Metallic
BP Sunburst Gold Metallic
BZ, M6675A Chrome Yellow
CT, XSC2025A Alpaca Beige
D6, M6871A Cabernet Red Metallic
DD, M6465A Mocha Frost Metallic
DT724 Midnight Gray Metallic
DT876 Blu Violet/Blue Violet
E4, M6470A Vermilion/Vermilion Red
E8, M6496A Vermilion Red
E9, M6688A, M6898A Laser Red Metallic
ED9A, ED9AWWA Blue Violet
EHT Coca Cola Red 2000
EP, M6346A Vermilion
ES, M6729A, M6997A Performance Red
F1, M6886A Vermilion
FL, M6758A Toreador Red Metallic
FS, M6860A, XT1 Spruce Green Metallic
FT, M6861A Charcoal Green Metallic
FU, FW, M6862A, M6884A Dark Green Satin Metallic
FV, M6873A Woodland Green Metallic
FY, M6890A Woodland Green Metallic
GX, M6976A Deep Toreador Red
HC, M6944A Ivory Parchment Pearl
JL, M6771A Dark Toreador Metallic
JM, M6982A Dark Toreador Metallic
K4, M6820A Deep Navy Blue Metallic
K6, M6858A Atlantic Blue Metallic
K7, M6863A Bright Atlantic Metallic
KQ, M6911A Wedgewood Blue Metallic
KX, M6856A Graphite Blue Metallic
KY, M6857A Denim Blue Metallic
LA, M6504A Medium Royal Blue Metallic
LD, M6763A Medium Wedgewood Metallic
LEQE Light Denim Blue Metallic
LL, M6910A Wedgewood Blue Metallic
M6373A, UA Ebony
M6414A, PA Deep Jewel Green Metallic
M6442A, YG Medium Titanium Metallic/Medium Titanium Met.
M6454A, RC Medium Platinum Metallic
M6456A, PB Jewel Green Metallic
M6464A, PN Aquamarine Frost Metallic
M6466A, YZ Oxford White
M6505A, YN Silver Metallic
M6584A, PK Chesapeake Blue Metallic
M6640A, WT Performance White
M6720A, TS Silver Frost Metallic
M6774A, ZR Ultra White
M6797A, NB Dark Tourmaline Metallic
M6853A, TP Medium Gray Metallic
M6854A, M7 Light Blue Metallic
M6864A, WF White Pearl
M6877A, UD Ebony
M6887A, Z1 Oxford White
M6895A, Z3 Silver Metallic
M6922A, SU Amazon Green Metallic
M6951A, SV Jalapeno Green Metallic
M6953A, M6954A, SW Electric Green Metallic
M6966A, SP Medium Steel Blue Metallic
M6975A, TX Bright Silver Metallic
M6977A, RH Medium Platinum
M7001A, R1 Dark Teal Metallic
MUKE, MUKEWWA Md Atlantic Blue Metallic
NX, PNX Laser Red Tint Pearl
PH7E, PH7EWWA Charcoal Green Metallic
SFPE, SFPEWWA Light Nordic Green Metallic
TJ4 Halcyon Blue Metallic
TK Broom Yellow
UCLE, UCLEWWA Silver Forst Metallic
XSC2368 Amalfi Blue Metallic
XSC2489, XSC2489E Aporto Red

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Robert F, owner of a 1999 Ford from Ridgecrest, CA

I bought paint and clear coat to touch up my topper. It looks great. I was surprised at how well it matched and how easy it was to apply. Then I got this idea to try it on a small area on my truck where the clear coat was peeling. I had watched videos that said this was a bad idea but I tried it anyway. I masked it off in a strip, prepared the surface by removing the clear coat that had peeled, then I sprayed a thin layer of paint and hit it with new clear coat. It matched perfectly. Was I pulled off the tape it looked like I had applied a perfectly matching strip of vinyl tape. Not for everyone I'm sure but it worked well for my application. Thanks for the quality product. Also it arrived in a week. Not bad since it has to be mixed per order.

Thomas B, owner of a 1999 Ford from Yuma, AZ

I Have been using your product for touching up my RV and so far I am very pleased. The color comes very close to the original color, I suspect the difference is due to the effects of the sun here in Yuma,AZ. On the original paint. The Service is great the product is delivered in a timely manner and I am keep informed of the shipping and delivery dates. People have been asking about my project and I have no hesitation in recommending Automotive Touchup. The Spray cans are excellent they perform like a pro spray unit which makes my project so much easier. In addition the coverage is excellent and the tips for prepping and applying the paint have been very helpful since I am not a pro at this type of project, glad I found automotivetouchup.com

Kelly C, owner of a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria from Seminole, OK

Very pleased with color match, after watching your how to videos I followed your direction and the spray repair came out great. Quality and luster of paint blends well with existing paint, highly recommend use of any of your products.

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