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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Daryl S, owner of a 1999 Ford Ranger from Lancaster, OH

Touch- up on my ranger was great, best thing I ever did was to go thru and order on line. Couldn't ask for a more perfect match on the color. I was so impressed I take others to look and ask them if they can tell where I touch it up at. In the end I have to show them, great paint match-up. Daryl

Danial L, owner of a 1999 Ford Mustang from Greeley, CO

Well I'm no artist. My paint job is fair. The color looks good. Just want to say thanks, a couple years of practice I'll be able to make any paint job look good. LOL can't wait to get at my Jetta this summer.

Danial L, owner of a 1999 Ford Mustang from Greeley, CO

I'm a total amateur. I painted a spoiler from red to blue sanded it, primered it, painted it, clear coated it, accidentally scuffed it. So I'm going to wet sand it, only around the scuff. Try it again. But it looks fabulous. I'll send a picture when it's done. 99 Mustang Convertible THANK YOU. D.LUCERO

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