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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0632, XSC0632 Black
2361, KRYE, XSC2361 Smokestone Mica
2409, XSC2409 Ebony Black Mica
2698, XSC2698 Nouveau Red Mica
2727, XSC2727 Garnet Red
33631, M5920A, Y0, YO Oxford White
3Q, 6327, KA Crystal Blue Metallic
4N, 6342, EL Wild Strawberry Pearl
4Y Titanium Frost Pearl
6328, 7E Light Crystal Blue Metallic
6381, 9G, EE Midnight Currant Red Metallic
6415, MD Clear Crystal Blue Pearl
6421, CD Woodrose Pearl
6444 Medium Cranberry Metallic
6446, KB Medium Amethyst Frost Metallic
6450, DC Md Mocha Frost Metallic
6456 Jewel Green Metallic
6462 Nimbus Metallic
6487, DA Cayman Pearl
6545, ZB Medium Titanium Metallic
6563 Lapis Blue Metallic
6609, MX Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
6683 Bright Regatta Blue Metallic
6684 Light Smoke Metallic
691A Diamantweiss
A2, M5858A Medium Walnut Met./Medium Walnut Metallic
A8, M6261A Dark Chestnut Met./Dark Chestnut Metallic
AH, M6392A Pastel Alabaster
AV, M6403A Pawnee Tan
AZ, M6581A Medium Saddle Met./Medium Saddle Metallic
BKP, KDAD, KDBA, XSC1146 Genetian Blue/Gentian Blue
BW, M1525A Special White
BX, M6018A Black
BY, M6284A, M6284F School Bus Yellow
CC, M5466A Orange
CE, M6262A Dark Chestnut Metallic
CK, M6286A Dark Chestnut Met./Dark Chestnut Metallic
CT, XSC2025A Alpaca Beige
DA, M6487A Cayman Met./Cayman Metallic
DB, M6453A Light Mocha
DC, M6450A Medium Mocha Met./Medium Mocha Metallic
DH, M6608A Medium Light Mocha
DJ, M6520A Medium Mocha Met./Medium Mocha Metallic
DW, M6477A Dark Mocha Met./Dark Mocha Metallic
E2, EL, M6342A Wild Strawberry Met./Wild Strawberry Metallic
E4, M6470A Vermilion
E5 Hot Red
EC, M6325A Currant Red
ED, M6455A Bright.Currant Red Metallic/Brt.Currant Red Met.
EG, M6425A Currant Red Metallic/Elctrc Curnt Red Metallic
EH, M6156A Medium Cabernet
EK, M6413A Wild Strawberry Met./Wild Strawberry Metallic
EM, M6153A Medium Red
EP, M6346A Vermilion/Vermillion
ER Dark Cranberry Pearl
ER, M6034A Bright Red
ER, M6445A Dark Cranberry Met./Dark Cranberry Metallic
ET, M5696A Rangoon Red
EU, M5681A Candyapple Red
EX, M6444A Medium Cranberry Metallic
EY, M6564A Performance Red
EZ Rio Red
GA, M6486A Medium Aubergine Metallic
GE, M6607A Elctrc Curnt Red Metallic
J6 Pacific Green Pearl
K2, M6441A Atlantic Blue
K3, KL, M6485A Bimini Blue Met./Bimini Blue Metallic
KB, M6446A Medium Amethst Frst Metallic/Medium Amethst Frost Metallic
KBAV, XSC2236 Bahama Blue Metallic
KE, M6563A Lapis Met./Lapis Metallic
KJ Brilliant Blue Met./Brilliant Blue Metallic
KJ Brillant Blue Metallic
LA, M6504A Med. Royal Blue Met./Medium Royal Blue Metallic
LK5 Grayish Violet Pearl
M1, MM Ultra Blue Met./Ultra Blue Metallic
M1724A, R4, Y4, YC Black
M2 Twilight Blue Met./Twilight Blue Metallic
M5004A, MR Bahama Blue
M5909A, YM Silver Met./Silver Metallic
M5941A, Y2 Light Wheat Met./Light Wheat Metallic
M5979A, MG Bright Regatta Blue Metallic
M6021A, YR Smoke Met./Smoke Metallic
M6044A, YW Smoke Met./Smoke Metallic
M6171A, YE Bronze Black Met./Bronze Black Metallic
M6188A, MJ Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
M6210A, YY White
M6214A, YV Light Smoke Met./Light Smoke Metallic
M6263A, ME Medium Regatta Blue Metallic
M6290A, MK Twilight Blue Met./Twilight Blue Metallic
M6328A, MA Light Crystal Blue Metallic
M6329A, YD Titanium
M6330A, YF Light Titanium Met./Light Titanium Metallic
M6347A, ZA Diamond White
M6373A, UA Ebony
M6383A, MM Ultra Blue Met./Ultra Blue Metallic
M6401A, YX Titanium Frost Met./Titanium Frost Metallic
M6406A, ZC Glacier White
M6414A, PA Deep Jewel Green Metallic
M6415A, MD Clear Crystal Blue Frost Metal/Clr Crstl Blu Frst M
M6442A, YG Medium Titanium Metallic/Medium Titanium Met.
M6454A, RC Medium Platinum Met./Medium Platinum Metallic
M6456A, PB Jewel Green Met./Jewel Green Metallic
M6458A, ML Twilight Blue Met./Twilight Blue Metallic
M6459A, MN Ultra Blue Met./Ultra Blue Metallic
M6462A, YP Nimbus Gray Met./Nimbus Gray Metallic
M6464A, PN Aquamarine Frost Metallic
M6466A, YZ White
M6471A, MD Crystal Blue Frost Metallic/Crystl Blue Frst Metallic
M6478A, NC Medium Seafoam Met./Medium Seafoam Metallic
M6483A, PF Aqua
M6500A, WH Ultra Red
M6501A, WC Medium Opal Met./Medium Opal Metallic
M6505A, YN Silver Met./Silver Metallic
M6572A, NA Dark Tourmaline Met./Dark Tourmaline Metallic
M6584A, PK Chesapeake Blue Met./Chesapeake Blue Metallic
M6585A, PC Reef Blue Met./Reef Blue Metallic
M6587A, PE Deep Jewel Green Metallic
M6596A, MW Bright Regatta Blue Metallic/Bright.Regatta Blue Metallic/Brt.Regatta Blue Metallic
M6597A, MC Light Smoke Met./Light Smoke Metallic
M6598A, MS Smoke Met./Smoke Metallic
M6599A, PM Bright Calypso Met./Bright Calypso Metallic/Brt.Calypso Grn. Metallic
M6609A, MX Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
M6683A, ZK Bright Regatta Blue Metallic
M6684A, ZJ Light Smoke Metallic
PM, PN, SG Calypsogruen Metallic
PM, SG Bright Calypso Met./Bright Calypso Metallic
R5, Y5 Oxford White
R7, Y6 Light Titanium Met./Light Titanium Metallic
R8, Y7 Dark Titanium Met./Dark Titanium Metallic
SB Cayman Green Met./Cayman Green Metallic
SE Aqua
TK2 Purplish Blue Metallic
TK3 Dark Blue Pearl
XSC2251 Radiant Red
XSC2368 Amalfi Blue Metallic
XSC2472 Nouveau Red Metallic
XSC2489, XSC2489E Aporto Red
XSC2683 Mallard Green Mica
Y8 Oxford White

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Hello, I placed my first order 8-14-12, and received it on 8-18-12, great timing, and the touch up paint matches perfert. I have a 1991 50 LX and toyota tacoma, I am very pleased and will be ordering again real soon.

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