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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0632, XSC0632 Black
11, M6330A, YF Light Titanium Metallic
12, M6373A, UA Ebony
1C, C1, M1724A, Y4, YC Black
1D, M6044A, YW Smoke Metallic
1F, M6021A, YR Smoke Metallic
1G, M6214A, YV Light Smoke Metallic
1K, M6062A, Z6 Smoke
1P, 6462 Nimbus Metallic
1Q, M5909A, YM Silver Metallic
1R, M6018A, YO Black
1S, M6171A, YE Bronze Black Metallic
21, EP, M6346A Vermilion
22, ET, M5696A Rangoon Red
2361, KRYE, XSC2361 Smokestone Mica
2409, XSC2409 Ebony Black Mica
27, EM, M6153A Medium Red
2B, 3, 6, M3560A Viking Red
2D, EN, M6236A Medium Scarlet
2F, EC, M6325A Currant Red
2G, EJ, M6245A Medium Cabernet Metallic
2H, EH, M6156A Medium Cabernet
2K, EU, M5681A Candyapple Red
2S, ED, M6378A Bright Currant Red Metallic
2V, ER, M6034A Bright Red
31, M6263A, ME Medium Regatta Blue Metallic
3Q, 6327, KA, M6327A Crystal Blue Metallic
3T, 6, I, M5004A, MR Bahama Blue
3U, M6008A, MO Mid Regatta Blue/Midnight Regatta Blue
42, M6176A, SC Alpine Green Metallic
43, M6338A, SA Hunter Green Metallic
49, M6353A, YT Graphite Metallic
4N, 6342, EL Wild Strawberry Pearl
4N, EL, M6342A Wild Strawberry Metallic
4Q, EK, M6413A Wild Strawberry Metallic
4S, M6390A, YU Titanium Metallic
4Y Titanium Frost Pearl
5F, CC, M5466A Orange
5Q, 6455 Bright Currant Red Metallic
6062 Smoke
61, 6461 Light Sienna Metallic
62, AW, M6312A Medium Sandalwood Metallic
6253 Light Sandalwood Metallic
63, AX, M6253A Light Sandalwood Metallic
6328 Light Crystal Blue Metallic
6338, SA Hunter Green Pearl
6381, 9G, EE Midnight Currant Red Metallic
6395, AP Sandalwood Forest Metallic
6397 Medium Woodrose Metallic
64, 9068 Light Auburn Metallic
64, AY, M6333A Pastel Sandalwood
6415, MD Clear Crystal Blue Pearl
6416 Bisque Frost Metallic
6421, CD Woodrose Pearl
6422 Medium Bisque Metallic
6435 Pastel Alabaster
6460, AM Deep Sienna Pearl
67, AL, M6284A School Bus Yellow
691A Diamantweiss
6D, E4, M6470A Vermilion
6E, M5941A, Y2 Light Wheat Metallic
6V, AA, M6321A Pastel Adobe
7A, M6047A, MH Spinnaker Blue
7D, L, M1237A, SD Holly Green
7E, M6328A, MA Light Crystal Blue Metallic
7F, M6290A, MK Twilight Blue Metallic
7H, M5979A, MG Bright Regatta Blue Metallic
7N, M6188A, MJ Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
8B, EG, M6425A Elec Currant Red Metallic
8S, A3, M6377A Pastel Adobe
8Z, AR, M6114A Sandalwood Metallic/Sandlewood Metallic
9079, 99 Dark Slate Gray Metallic
94, M6347A, ZA Diamond White
95, CE, M6262A Dark Chestnut Metallic
96, M6283A, YL Midnght Titanium Metallic/Midnight Titanium Metallic
9E, C, M1525A, YG Special White
9G, EE, M6381A Mid Currant Red Metallic/Midnight Currant Red Metallic
9H, M6282A, YK Dark Titanium Metallic/Medium Titanium Metallic
9J, M6406A, ZC Glacier White
9L, M5920A, YO Oxford White
9M, M6210A, YY White
9N, AT, M5916A Desert Tan Metallic
A2, B8 Medium Sandalwood Metallic
A4 Pop Yellow
A5, A8 Light Sandalwood Metallic
AB, M6448A Sandalwood Spice Metallic
AC, M6321A Medium Bisque Metallic
AD, M6416A Bisque Frost Metallic
AG, M6434A Race Yellow
AH, M6392A Pastel Alabaster
AJ, M6417A Alabaster
AK, M6435A Pastel Alabaster
AM, M6460A Deep Sienna Metallic
AN, M6461A Light Sienna Metallic
AP, M6395A Sandalwood Frost Metallic
AV, M6403A Pawnee Tan
BKP, KDAD, KDBA, XSC1146 Genetian Blue/Gentian Blue
C9, Y5 Oxford White
CA, M6397A Medium Woodrose Metallic
CD, M6421A Woodrose Metallic
E1, Y7 Dark Titanium Metallic
E2 Wild Strawberry Metallic
E3 Bright Red
E5 Burning Red
KBAV, XSC2236 Bahama Blue Metallic
KC Light Crystal Blue Metallic
LJ0 Lavender Silver Pearl
M1 Ultra Blue Metallic
M2 Twilight Blue Metallic
M3 Bright Blue Metallic
M4 Surf Blue
M6328A, YD Titanium
M6383A, MM Ultra Blue Metallic
M6401A, YX Titanium Frost Metallic
M6404A, MP Medium Crystal Blue Metallic
M6414A, PA Deep Jewel Green Metallic
M6415A, MD Clear Crystal Blue Metallic/Clr Crystal Blu Metallic
M6442A, YG Medium Titanium Metallic/Medium Titanium Met.
M6458A, ML Twilight Blue Metallic
M6459A, MN Ultra Blue Metallic
M6462A, YP Light Charcoal Metallic
M6505A, YN Silver Metallic
XSC2251 Radiant Red
XSC2368 Amalfi Blue Metallic
Y6 Light Titanium Metallic
Y8 White

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Edward D, owner of a 1990 Ford from Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have AutomotiveTouchup in spray cans and brush bottles for both our 1990 Thunderbird Super Coupe models. Great service and a great match.

Richard J, owner of a 1990 Ford from Graham, WA

The touchup paint was well matched. The only item worth mentioning is the cost, just a bit high.

Art, owner of a 1990 Ford from Perkasie, PA

I couldn't believe my eyes. Just repaired lots of rust on my '90 Ford F-150 XLT Lariet. The color code EH Med. Cabernet paint shipped from Automotive Touchup was perfect. Color match is incredible, drying time fast, durable. I am sold on your products. Lots more projects comin' up, the jobs are yours from now on. Thank you!

Peter D, owner of a 1990 Ford from London Mills, IL

I have ordered from you for 2 different vehicles and I have been very pleased with the outcome on both. The color match has been perfect and the application tips I found on your website have helped me produce amazing results.

Andy S, owner of a 1990 Ford from Manassas, VA

This touch up paint is the best. I have used them twice to make minor body repairs look professional. The quality of the paint is excellent and even a novice can blend it nicely into the factory or existing paint.

Joan H, owner of a 1990 Ford from Leesburg, FL

I found it easy to work with the touch up paint. The color matched my car very well. Thanks

Robert J, owner of a 1990 Ford from Bellingham, WA

My order for two colors for my 1990 Ford Econoline 150 arrived quickly after I placed it. The 2-oz bottles are easy to handle, and the brushes attached inside the caps work well to apply the paint to scratches and small areas. The darker color (dark grey) is a perfect match. The lighter color (also grey) is a bit darker than what's on the car. This is certainly because the paint on the car has gotten lighter with exposure to sun and weather. In fact, some areas that were covered up by detail tape, which I've just now removed, are the same as what's in the bottle. So, all in all, I'm quite satisfied. I won't hesitate to order touch up paint from Automotive Touch Up again.

Don M, owner of a 1990 Ford from Warner Robins, GA

My 1990 Ford Ranger XLT supercab clear coat was coming off at the windshield pillar area. Looked terrible. The vehicle had been repainted 13 years earlier and was in superb condition except this one area. Its color is Cabernet red and I admit I had reservations about attempting to match the color. The original product was ordered, received and applied per instructions. The result is fantastic Color match is almost perfect. Only way to tell any difference is to know that the particular area has been repainted. Preparation and patience is the key to a successful outcome. Your product is wonderful and I would highly recommend it. I still have leftovers for any future touch up. Thanks for a great product. Don from GA

William E M, owner of a 1990 Ford from Sussex, NJ

I have 2 Mustangs with very difficult colors to match, a 1990 Crystal Blue and a 2006 Screaming Yellow. The colors from Automotivetouchup.com match so well I bought a pint for the paint shop to spray my new hood on my 2006. This was the 3rd time they sprayed it and it matched the car perfectly! On the 90 project car we painted the engine compartment while the engine is out, it looks like we spent days matching colors, NOT! Just Automotive Touch Up Spray can!

Bruce S, owner of a 1990 Ford from Gary, TX

I was pleased that the color matched so good, it's hard to tell the new from the old. I painted the dark gray on my 23 year f150 and it looks great. Thanks for a great product. My friends got your web site and said they would use your product. Very happy, Bruce from Texas.

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