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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0632, XSC0632 Black
11, M5838A Light Pewter Metallic
15, M5715A Silver Metallic
17, M5686A Medium Pewter Metallic
1G, M5299A Silver Metallic
1H, M5781A Dark Pewter Metallic
1P, M5523A Medium Gray Metallic
1U, 9B, M5553A Dove Gray
23, 3, M5552A Dark Red Metallic
24, M5727A Medium Red
27, M5734A Bright Red
2B, 3, 6, M3560A Viking Red
2G, M5680A Bright Bittersweet
2H, M5636A Medium Red Metallic
2K, EU, M5681A Candyapple Red
2L, M5682A Maroon
2N, M5795A Bright Red
32, M5829A Bright Blue
39, M5557A, Z Bright Dark Blue Metallic
3A, M5953A Dark Blue Metallic
3B, M5954A Medium Blue Metallic
3F, M5608A Light Blue/Light Medium Blue
3H, M5613A Medium Blue Metallic
3K, M5782A Pastel Blue
3M, M5503A Bright Blue Metallic
3N, M5226A, P Light Blue
3P, M5783A Medium Bright Blue Metallic
3Q, M5588A Midnight Blue Metallic
4, M1901A Silver Metallic
4H, M5741A Dark Spruce Metallic
4J, M5731A Medium Dark Spruce Metallic
4K, M5748A Light Spruce Metallic
5, 61, M5148A Bold Orange
5801, 6V French Vanilla Metallic
5G, M5757A Dark Caramel Metallic
5V, M5732A Dark Brown Metallic
5W, M5599A Medium Vaquero Metallic
5Z, M5708A Pastel Caramel
6, M5064A Dark Brown
61, M5791A Medium Yellow
68, M5812A French Vanilla Metallic
69, M5827A Dark Curry Brown Metallic
6B, M5738A Sand Metallic
6D, L, M5620A Pastel Sand
6S, M1526A Chrome Yellow
6U, M5441A Tan
6Y, M5816A Medium French Vanilla
6Z, M5787A Pastel Fr Vanilla
7, 9D, M5418A Herron White
73, M5809A Light Spruce Metallic
74, M5807A Light Spruce
7A, M5898A Bright Lime Green Metallic
7B, M5819A Light Spruce Metallic
82, M5810A Dark Fawn Metallic
89, M5726A Fawn
8N, M5496A Dark Cordovan Metallic
8P, M5707A Bright Caramel
8R, M5709A Brite Caramel Metallic
BKP, KDAD, KDBA, XSC1146 Genetian Blue/Gentian Blue
D, M5554A Black
F, M4113G Medium Vaquero
M5418B, W White
M5493C Dark Red Metallic
M5583A, Y Antique Gold/Dark Gold
WT2101 Gray

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Jessie F, owner of a 1982 Ford from Houston, TX

Because of age of vehicle original paint was a little faded and not clear coated it did not make a good match after spraying. However, the test paper you provided appeared to match pretty good .. Would I buy addition paint? yes

Barry B, owner of a 1982 Ford from Aurora, CO

Exactly as they state. Color was exact, little clear coat and was finished. Way better to just get the right stuff.

Jeff S, owner of a 1983 Ford from Genoa, OH

Small rust spots and door dings were fixed with great satisfaction. Metallic paint match was very good!

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