Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1973 Ford All Models.

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Select the color for your 1973 Ford All Models below by clicking on any item in the corresponding row. After the color is selected, just click the "choose your color" button to see the products we offer with that color!

Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
1, 2A, 3, M1730A, S Calypso Coral/Competition Orange/Poppy Red
2B, 3, 6, M3560A Bright Red/Pinto Red/Viking Red
2E Candy Apple Red
2G, C9, M5070A Burgundy Fire Metallic
2J, B, M3059A Maroon/Royal Maroon
2V, J, M1515A Rangoon Red
3, 4C, M5072A Ivy Glow Metallic/Ivy Bronze Metallic
3, M5006A Swiss Aqua
3B, M3429A Light Blue/Wind Blue
3G, M5094A Dark Blue Metallic/Midnight Blue Metallic
3K, M5210A Blue Glow Metallic
3L, M5209A Silver Blue Fire Metallic
3M, M5213A Silver Blue Glow Metallic
3T, 6, I, M5004A, MR Bahama Blue
4, M5027A Bright Lime
4D, E9, M5069A Green Fire Metallic
4F, M5021A, U Limestone Green Metallic
4N, M5173A Medium Aqua
4P, M3462A, P Medium Green Metallic/Scandia Green Metallic
4Q, C, M3542A Dark Green Metallic
4U, M5212A Emerald Fire Metallic
5, 6E, M5080A Bright Yellow/Medium Bright Yellow
52, M5302A Mahogany S/F Metallic
5A, M3314A, V Light Pewter Metallic
5H, M3564A Medium Brown Metallic
5J, M5071A Ginger Glow Metallic/Medium Ginger Bronze Me/Medium Ginger Bronze Metallic
5T, M5145A Saddle Bronze Metallic
5W, M5296A, Y Burnt Orange
6, M5064A Dark Brown
6C, E, K, M3492A Medium Yellow Gold/Prairie Yellow
6G, M5086A Gold Glow Metallic
6S, G, M1526A Chrome Yellow
7D, L, M1237A, SD Holly Green
9A, M, M1619A White
9C, M5289A Pearl White
F, M5058A Mill Valley Green
H, M3569A, Z Baja Beige
H, M5187A, O Seapine Green Metallic
K, M3150A, P Boxwood Green
M3066A, R Tidewater Aqua
M3210A Gold Metallic
M3516A, W Saddle Tan Metallic
M5005A, O Mallard Green
M5186A, R Sequoia Brown Metallic
M935G Satin Silver Metallic
WT2101 Gray

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Joel Leonardson, owner of a 1973 Ford from Geneseo, IL

I actually use your touch-up paint on my 1973 Mustang Mach 1 which is painted Plum Crazy. I go to about 40 shows a year, and little touch-up spots just seem to happen. The color is a perfect match and you have to look very closely to see where I have done the applications. Thanks for the product.

Gregg B, owner of a 1973 Ford from Mentor, OH

Automotive Touchup paint was just what I was looking for. I had a few minor dings that bothered me but couldn't afford a body shop to fix them. I am happy with the results. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!

Robert L, owner of a 1973 Ford from Fort Worth, TX

Super job. Received a call to verify the correct color. Received the touch up paint very quickly. The paint matched as advertised. All for a fair price. Well done..........Rob

Richard D, owner of a 1973 Ford from Westport, CT

Actually I wasn't touching up. I wanted to see the factory color that I was thinking of changing the car to. After painting a replacement tailgate with AUTOMOTIVETOUCHUP I am looking at it for a while. The car is not going to be painted until spring, so there is time to think about it. It's great being able to buy factory colors for a test.

Rudy Irizarry, owner of a 1973 Ford from Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you so much, all of the paint on out Torino is original, and this is a perfect match with 40 year old paint. Thank you guys.

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