Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1965 Ford All Models.

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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
1, 2A, 3, M1730A, S Calypso Coral/Competition Orange/Poppy Red
2, M1633A, R Phoenician Yellow
2V, J, M1515A Rangoon Red
3A, M921A, N Diamond Blue/Pastel Blue
5, M1731A Twilight Turquoise Metallic
6S, G, M1526A Chrome Yellow
7D, L, M1237A, SD Holly Green
8, M1955A Springtime Yellow
9A, M, M1619A Wimbledon White
B, D, M1638A Pagoda Green
B, M1450A, U Midnight Turquoise Metallic
B, M1734A, N Frost Turquoise
B, M556A Caribbean Turquoise
D, M1625A Dynasty Green Metallic
E, M30J1269, Y Silver Blue Metallic
F, M1226A Arcadian Blue
K, M1621A Silver Smoke Gray Metallic
K, M1706A Bengal Tan
M1024A, V Academy Blue
M1070A Patrician Green Metallic
M1630A, Z Chantilly Beige Metallic
M1732A, O Tropical Turquoise
M1738A, P Prairie Bronze Metallic
M1744A, S Charcoal Gray Metallic
M1879A, R Ivy Green Metallic
M1921A, V Emberglow Metallic
M935G Satin Silver Metallic

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Gary M, owner of a 1965 Ford from Springfield, IL

Great products and great color matches. This allowed me to do some touch-ups on my 1965 Mustang. Thanks.

Appreciated Customer, owner of a 1965 Ford

First time buyer. Very satisfied. Paint was perfect match. Will continue to use this vendor.

Steve O, owner of a 1965 Ford from Point Pleasant, NJ

New to owning a 'vintage auto' I was happy to find Automotive Touchup paint in my exact color. Starting small with the hubcaps and may move into the interior. Glad I have matching paint finally.

Michael D, owner of a 1965 Ford from Allentown, PA

The touch up paint matched my vintage burgundy 65 mustang perfectly. Needed it for a few stone chips and scratches here and there. It's well worth the money.

Lois D, owner of a 1965 Ford from Salem, NH

Hi! Everyone at AUTOMOTIVETOUCHUP, Yes, I am first time owner of 1965 Thunderbird color Patrician Metallic Green. Your color match is totally awesome. I feel very fortunate to have found you as a paint vendor. And I will surely spread to word to all my vintage car owner friends. Once I have some pictures I will share them with you soon. Thanks again for your awesome customer service. LD

Lois D, owner of a 1965 Ford from Salem, NH

Hi! Everyone, Yes, the 1965 Ford Thunderbird is a unique car and so is the paint color. Your product is awesome and i would recommend it to other collector car folks like myself. I recently asked for additional spray nozzles and your quick response time was awesome. Once I have some picture I will definitely share them with everyone. I will definitely spread the word about your product to all my car friends here in New Hampshire. This is the season for car shows. We have many and I will attend them all. Thanks from the Live free or Die state New Hampshire

Lois D, owner of a 1965 Ford from Salem, NH

Hi! Everyone at Automotivetouchup, I am a first time vintage auto owner. So my main goal is to keep this car as original as possible. The paint I have now on the vehicle is in very good condition and our goal is to keep it that way. Using your product I am very impressed with the results. And everyone who see this car on the road the color tells the story of the 1965 Thunderbird. It surely was a different time in place in the year 1965 but who ever at Ford had the decision on the paint had a great eye. When I have some pictures I will surely share them with you at AutomotiveTouchup....

Lois D, owner of a 1965 Ford from Salem, NH

Hi! AutomotiveTouchUP, I want to tell your I am extremely satisfied with purchase. The color match to my 1965 Ford Thunderbird is right on. I will be ordering Aerosol Spray paint in the near future. I appreciate that you reached out to me. Coming from years of Customer Service experience your attention to detail is right on. I enjoy doing business with you. And I will share your business with other car collectors like myself. Thanks, LD

Michael Z, owner of a 1965 Ford from North Ridgeville, OH

Once again, the quality of the product is excellent.

Pete H, owner of a 1965 Ford from Lake Dallas, TX

I've used AutomotiveTouchUp on several of my newer cars, but I was happily surprised when I found touchup paint for my 1965 Mustang (in Silver Smoke) was available! I was even happier when the color match was perfect! When I needed to replace the sealant around the water channels above the doors, I used the aerosol product to cover the new sealant with a perfect color match. Oh, and a second can was perfect for finishing the 1:16 scale model of my '65 coupe to look just like the real life version!

Chris D, owner of a 1965 Ford from El Paso, TX

I had a tiny chip on the door sill of my 65 Ford Mustang and was probably the only one who even noticed it. The chip was pretty deep and was down to the primer. I ordered the factory correct Rangoon Red paint for it and within a few applications it was apparent that the touch up paint was in fact an exact match for car. I filled in the chip with a few layers of paint and then dabbed a little clear coat to get the shine. Color me impressed, you actually have to rub your finger to find the repair. The paint job on the car is less than a year old and in perfect condition, but the touch up paint is an exact match. This may not be the case on older paint jobs. Any way, I am very happy with the product and the ease of application.

John D, owner of a 1965 Ford from North Fond Du Lac, WI

I ordered your paint pen and it arrived surprisingly quick in the mail. I tried it on one chip, in a non-conspicuous area of my Shelby Cobra. The paint match was great. I have a couple more to do before winter and am now confident they will look good too. Thanks for making a good product.

Austin S, owner of a 1965 Ford from Middletown, CT

I have worked with your products for 3-5 years, I have 1965 Mustang, 2002 X type jaguar, 2012 Jeep wrangler and 2012 lincoln MXZ. Your match up paint is perfect and the simple touch up match regardless of the make year or model, all good here.

Michael Z, owner of a 1965 Ford from North Ridgeville, OH

Excellent products. I love the touch-up pens. This was my third order and I couldn't find one thing to complain about. Please keep your products available to everyone as they are the best.

Sonny JJ, owner of a 1965 Ford from Kansas City, KS

After I received base coat spray paint and put three layers on test card, and then finished it with aditional three coats of clear coat, I put test card behind chrome molding on body panel. I was astonished with exact paint match on my 1965 Ford Thunderbird. Delivery was very acurate and fast. You guys definitely will stay as top recommended company for all my touch up needs. Pricing is also very reasonable, and for car enthusiast very acceptable. You definitely deserve five stars rating.

Michael Z, owner of a 1965 Ford from North Ridgeville, OH

Awesome product. Easy to use and the results are more than I expected. This was my second order.

Michael Z, owner of a 1965 Ford from North Ridgeville, OH

Loved the products. Excellent paint match. I used this to restore a 50 year old steering wheel. It looks like it is brand new now. I reordered just to have it on hand in case of the inevitable accident. Thanks, Mike

Larry H, owner of a 1965 Ford from Douglasville, GA

I have several older vehicles and I was pleased to find touch-up paint that matched perfectly.

Patrick O, owner of a 1965 Ford from Brooksville, FL

It's great that your company could match paint for so many vehicles. I bought your products totouch-up a 65 Mustang. Where the heck do you get paint in the color of tropical turquoise for acar made in 1965? The touch-up was so good I wanted to paint the rest of the car with yourspray cans.

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