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Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
012A Giallo Fluo
086 Bianco Cee
103A Rosse Bramante Metallic
103A Rosso Rinascimento Metallic
107A Rosso Pompei Metal/Rosso Pompei Metallic
108A Light Red Metallic
109A Rosso Cordoba Metallic
120A Rosso Marte Pearl
124B Rosso Barocco Metallic
131A Rosso Ponente Mica
132, KKB Rosso Bright Metallic
136A Rouge Marquise Metallic
143A Rosso Ravenna
168, 169 Rosso Speed
169A Rosso Smalto
175A Bordeaux Tint Metal/Bordeaux Tint Metallic
178A Rosso Alpino
182, 224, 224F Bianco Corfu
191A Vermelho Firenze Metallic
193A Bordeaux Old Rose Me/Bordeaux Old Rose Metallic
194A Rosso Nizza
199A Rosso Tiziano
208A Bianco Perla Mica
210 Bianco Freddo
214A Avorio Dakar Metallic
218A Bianco Poste Italiane/Pianco Poste Italian
228A Avorio/Avorio Paganini
240A Azzurro Athena Metallic
241A Giallo Carioca
249 Bianco Banchisa
256A Bianco Caldo
258A Giallo Ginestra
271, 271E Giallo Sole
307B Verde Isola Metallic
312B Verde Stelvio
324B Verde Arianna Metal/Verde Arianna Metallic
325A, KSQ Verde Brezza Metal/Verde Brezza Metallic
330A Verde Artemide Metal/Verde Artemide Metallic
332 Vert Devon
344A Verde Smeraldo Metallic/Verde Smeraldo Mica
350 Green Valley Metallic
351A, LQT Verde Indy
352A, KQM Verde Intenso Metallic/Vert Intensive Metal/Vert Intensive Metallic
359A Verde Lichene Metal/Verde Lichene Metallic
361A Verde Energy Metallic
371B Verde Caraibi Metallic
374B Verde Loden Metal/Verde Loden Metallic
375A Verde Demetra Metal/Verde Demetra Metallic
376A Verde Ulivo
384A Verde Plutone/Verde Plutone Metallic
389A Verde Tasmania Metal/Verde Tasmania Metallic
390A Verde Sierra Metallic
403B Blu Navy Mica/Blue Navy Mica
408B Blu Jet Metal/Blu Jet Metallic/Blue Jet Metallic
409B Azzurro Sinfonia Metallic
410A Azzurro Ghiaddio Metallic
411B Blu Boston Metal/Blu Boston Metallic/Blue Boston Metallic
416B Blu Way Metal/Blu Way Metallic/Blue Way Metallic
419B Azzurro Antartide Me/Azzurro Antartide Metallic
423B Azul Ouro Preto
424A, KLM Bleu Royal Metallic/Blu Royal Metallic/Blue Royal Metallic
426A Blu Midnight Metal/Blu Midnight Metallic/Blu Midnightnight Metallic/Blue Midnight Metallic/Blue Midnightnight Metallic
431B Turchese Bio Metal/Turchese Bio Metallic
432B Blu Canarie Metal/Blu Canarie Metallic/Blue Canarie Metallic
433, 433F Blu Storm Metal/Blu Storm Metallic/Blue Storm Metallic
434A Blu Raffaello Metal/Blu Raffaello Metallic/Blue Raffaello Metallic
435A Blu Lancia/Blue Lancia
438 Blu Lord/Blue Lord/Lord Blue
439 Blu Carabinieri Opac/Blue Carabinieri Opac
442A Blu Metallic/Blue Metallic
451A Blu Capri/Blue Capri
453A Azzurro Lago Metallic/Azzurro Puccini Metallic
455A Bleu Imperial
455A, KNP Blu Imperiale/Blue Imperiale
462A Blu Sprint/Blue Sprint
464A Blu Norwich Pearl/Blue Norwich Pearl
469A Azzurro Michelangelo
470B Blu Pitti/Blue Pitti
475A Blue L/Suggestivo/Blue Suggestivo
476B Blu Jump/Blue Jump
478B Blu Jag Metal/Blu Jag Metallic/Blue Jag Metallic
479A Blu Line/Blue Line
480B Blu Vitality/Blu Vitality Metallic/Blue Vitality/Blue Vitality Metallic
488A Blu Leader Metallic/Blue Leader Metallic
489A Blu Metro/Blu Metro''/Blue Metro/Blue Metro''
491A Azzurro Sorgente Metallic
498A Blu Lido Metal/Blu Lido Metallic/Blue Lido Metallic
504A Giallo Taxi
527 Oro Lingotto Metal/Oro Lingotto Metallic
530 Blu Cielo Metallic/Blue Cielo Metallic
539 Verde Antille Metallic
541A Giallo Vanilla
542A Arancio Batik Metallic/Arangio Batik Pearl
570, KHM Arancio Victoria
571 Arancio Calipso Metallic
572 Giallo Imola Metallic
593 Giallo Pareo Metallic/Giallo Pareo Mts
597 Blu Teseo Metal/Blu Teseo Metallic/Blue Teseo Metallic
600 Grigio Patrizia Metallic
601, 753 Nero
606A Grigio Vinci Metallic
611A, 685, EZR Grigio Alluminio Metallic/Grigio Juvarra Metallic/Gris Aluminium Metallic
611A, 685, EZR Grigio Chiaro Metallic
615A Grigio Fontana Metal/Grigio Fontana Metallic
632 Black Metallic/Nero Elena Metallic
645 Grigio Trend Metallic
647 Grigio Steel Metallic
655, 661A, 665, EYC Grigio Chiaro Metallic
657A Grigio Tiepolo Mica
664A Grigio Alsazia Metal/Grigio Alsazia Metallic
667A Gris Aster Metallic
667A, EYJ Grigio Aster Metallic
671 Grigio Moon Metal/Grigio Moon Metallic
674A Grigio Bronzo Metal/Grigio Bronzo Metallic
675 Grigio Orione Metal/Grigio Orione Metallic
681A Grigio Baltic Metallic
690A Grigio Rossini Metallic
691A Grigio Fer Metallic
695A Oro Azteco Metallic
697A Grigio Crono Metallic
717 Beige Sahara Metallic/Verde Jaguar Metallic
718 Azzurro Elba Metallic
722 Blu Lightning Metallic/Blue Lightning Metallic
722, EGE Blu Uragano Metallic/Blue Uragano Metallic
723 Zaffiro Metallic
726 Blu Buzios/Blue Buzios
732A Verde Donizetti Pearl
733A Verde Guacamole
734A Blu Cocktail/Blue Cocktail
736A Blu Cocktail/Blue Cocktail
737A Azzurro Frizzante/Azzurro Frizzante Metallic
745 Verde Cristallo Metallic/Verde Cristallometallic
746 Vert Innsbruck
746 Verde Innsbruck
748, KCP Beige Luna Metallic
751 Verde Freeway
754 Blu Elisir Mica/Blue Elisir Mica
755 Grigio Shine Metal/Grigio Shine Metallic
759 Vert Jupiter Metallic
762 Verde Club Mica
769 Blu Abisso Metallic/Blue Abisso Metallic
770 Azzurro Sky Metallic/Azzurro Sky Mts
775 Verde Oliva Metallic
781 Verde Perugino Mica
789 Blu Saturn Metallic/Blue Saturn Metallic
792A Azzurro Lagoon Metallic
793A Turchese Dry
797A Verde Shanti Metallic
799A Blu Oriente/Blue Oriente
803A Nero Seta Metal/Nero Seta Metallic
804A Azzurro Astrale Metallic
806A Nero Vulcano/Petro/Preto Vulcano
810A Blu Elettrico Metallic/Blue Elettrico Metallic
814A Nero Vulcano Metallic
820, 820A Black Ink Metallic/Ink Black Metallic
823 Grigio Sassi Metal/Grigio Sassi Metallic
841A Nero Moire Metal/Nero Moire Metallic
845A Blu Nicole Metallic/Blue Nicole Metallic
917A Azzurro Polizia

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Ronald G, owner of a 2013 Fiat 500 from Valencia, CA

Excellent color match with stock, which is very difficult with a metallic pearl color. I have already recommended your company to a friend who needed touchup paint.

Deborah L, owner of a 2014 Fiat 500L from Indianapolis, IN

Paint matched perfectly. Received in time.

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