Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1989 Fiat All Models.

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Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
007 Blu Saviem/Blue Saviem
016, 016E, 064A Rosso Pompieri
017, 055, 055E Giallo Miele
023 Grigio Montespan
026 Arancio Europcar
028 Grigio Gerardmer
029 Verde La Redoute
032 Beige Astral
039 Grigio Jaguar Metallic
045 Blu Luce/Blue Luce
049, 49 Grigio Satellite Metallic
051, 903 Verde Menta
056, 056E Arancio
058 Bianco Cigno
063 Avorio
065 Arancio
066, 068 Blu Saphir/Blue Saphir
067 Blue Edf
074 Verde Mattei
102 Rosso Scuro
109 Rosso Shiraz Pearl
112 Platin Metallic
122 Rosso Pompieri
123 Red
139 Bordeaux Metallic
140 Rosso Corea
154 Bordeaux Metallic
167 Rosso Metallic
177, 177E Rosso Avis
179 Azzurro Metallic
182, 224, 224F Bianco Corfu
183 Rosso Metal/Rosso Metallic
192E Rouge Ptt Belgique
210 Bianco Freddo
230 Bianco Freddo
232 Giallo Ptt Ausriache
268, 279 Giallo Taxi
270 Bianco Argento Metallic
277 Giallo Ptt
280 Giallo Taxi
281, 281E Giallo Vitis
303 Verde Contea Metallic
305 Verde Surf Metallic
315 Verde Tirol Metallic
330 Verde Richmond Pearl
352 Crystal Metallic
377 Verde Tropico Metallic
382 Blu Chiaro Metallic/Blue Chiaro Metallic
407 Azzurro Spring Metallic
409 Blu Agadir Metallic/Blue Agadir Metallic
419 Azzurro Lipari
423A Bleu Riviera Metallic
427 Blu Davis/Blue Davis
433, 433F Blu Storm Metal/Blu Storm Metallic/Blue Storm Metallic
435 Blu Midway Metallic/Blue Midway Metallic
438 Blu Lord/Blue Lord/Lord Blue
443 Blu Flash Metallic/Blue Flash Metallic
445 Blu Mare Metallic/Blue Mare Metallic
450 Blu Sidney/Blue Sidney
452 Azzurro Medio Metallic
466 Blu Navire/Blue Navire
471 Blu Petrol Metallic/Blue Petrol Metallic
475 Azul Tirreno
489 Azzurro Metallic
490 Azzurro Skipper Metallic
499 Blu Blizzard Metallic/Blue Blizzard Metallic
601, 753 Nero
608 Grigio Neutral Metallic
620 Alluminio Metallic
668 Grigio Metallic
670 Cinza Netuno Metallic
676 Grigio Chiaro Metallic
681 Grigio Ardesia Metallic
683 Grigio Metallic
705 Marrone Trophy Metallic
775 Grigio Chiaro Metallic
829 Blu Genziana/Blue Genziana
864, 864E, 864F, 866 Jaune Hertz
945 Blu Chiaro Metallic/Blue Chiaro Metallic

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Brother Jeffrey, owner of a 2012 Fiat 500 from Saint Louis, MO

Got exactly what I was looking for and exactly as it was described and even faster in the mail than expected. Thanks guys!

Bruce S, owner of a 2012 Fiat 500L from Harpers Ferry, WV

I touched up a few very obvious chips in the paint on my Fiat 500C. The color match was as close as I hoped for. The ordering process was easy, especially helpful with locating the paint code on the vehicle, and the delivery was faster than I expected. A good experience dealing with your company.

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