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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

John S, owner of a 1994 Dodge Caravan from Georgia

My 1994 Dodge Caravan came with infamous flaky peel off paint! This old van is well maintained and dependable but is not worth much now so it does not warrant an all over professional paint job. I tried the little rattle paint cans from the local auto part but the match was not quite right and seemed to cause additional flaking! After carefully scraping the loose paint with a razor blade and and scuffing the primer, I sprayed the spray can Automotive Touchup paint! The color is spot on and the van is looking great! Now, if the weather ever gets cooler again, I can finish it up!

Arlester J, owner of a 1994 Dodge Dakota from Springfield, OH

Great service, perfect match. Dodge touch-up, using the same vin,did not match. Thank you, Art

Gary F, owner of a 1994 Dodge Ram Truck from Ilwaco, WA

My 1994 Dodge Ram was in need of some repainting on the hood and roof of the cab. I was concerned that repainting the hood and cab roof would stand out from the 20 year old OM paint and be totally noticeable. After spraying the paint and clear coat on the test paper provided, I thought it looked a little darker. But after painting the truck and applying the clear coat, I backed the truck out from the shop and stood there in disbelief,...I couldn't tell the difference between the 20 year old paint and the Automotive Touchup paint that I had just applied. Good job guys!

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