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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

George B, owner of a 1972 Dodge from Lambertville, MI

Four small chips on my '72 Dodge Challenger, your paint was a perfect match of my Hemi orange. Thank you, George

Jeffrey B, owner of a 2004 Dodge Viper from NC

I was really surprised with the color matching of the paint since it was coming from a spray can. I had numerous scratches on the bottom of my Dodge Viper. After sanding out the scratches, I painted the bumper and had a perfect match. I was really amazed of the quality of your products and highly recommend your products to anyone.

Don W, owner of a 2005 Dodge Caravan from Cleveland, TN

VERY happy with results, the color was right, I followed directions and the paint and repair job looks like new. Be sure to put clear coat on a little heavier than the base paint to get the best job, be careful not to let it run, but it should be shiny like the directions say when you coat it. The base coat lacquer can go on in 4 to 5 light coats and dries fast and covers well, but the clear coat must go on a little heavier. Learned from my first try, mistakes. Did not shine enough, cause I put it on too thin. Had to re sand and re apply. When you follow directions, it should be great. Also I used a halogen heat light to warm the area after each coat, since the outside temp was only in the 60's.

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